The Twining Chronicles – Issue 19 Saturday 26th April 2008

April 23, 2008

Sometimes when I come home I wonder what the hell support is because it just seems such a bedazzled and abused word in policing? The images portrayed above highlight what support is visually and I am amazed at the lack of effective support that is offered when organisations choose to put forward only management speak and ignore other relevant issues. A Black person is rarely right.

One of our roles is support; that doesn’t mean to say I am right and you are wrong, just that in relation to BPA matters we ask people to consider the ethnicity implications of any case or example. When we offer support we are not there to hold hands and let an individual take a “kick in” verbally or be allegedly bullied by managers. I have been there in my opinion. We should be strong enough to say, “enough.” I am not referring to any particular case in relation to this; just my experiences.

Support is about asking questions, seeking some answers and getting some truth and I think beyond pride our managers are poor at this. Managers cannot give as above because of their career aspirations. They take mistakes personally.

They do not take ownership of their mistakes, they try and cover these up, and up and up with all manner of excuses and those above them do exactly the same. Institutional? Unfortunately in the field of race relation’s when managers know they are doing this then not only is this wrong, but this will never move the service forwards.

Next time when you see a Black colleague seeking support ask yourself, if you were in that position, what support would you like? Someone who sits with you as a puppet, or someone who is prepared to put pen to paper? Pen to paper means you  become a witness, otherwise a person is on their own. No witnesses at tribunal looks good for the Force. This begs very serious questions. Unethical?

Sadly I think in BPA’s there are many of the former and this suits the Establishment just fine because really it has do do nothing but keep those that put pen to paper, quiet, because we are a thorn in the side, the enemy within.

So , after a bad day I often am left thinking what level of rubbish will I pick up from the institution again, and you know what, this level of game playing is institutionalised. I have to do all of this, support, strategise, respond and consult, with a measly a few hours a week.

An establishment can strangle a BPA, and then a BPA becomes ineffective, but isn’t that what an establishment really wants. Institutional? So, when we say institutional racism we are not blaming everyone. When mistakes are repeated, then you know, that what you are dealing with is not nice….What choice will you make when you next see someone in this position? 


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