The Twining Chronicles – Issue 20 – Saturday 3rd May 2008

May 4, 2008

Is this how they came up with the offical sign for the 2008 Olympics? Shame on the Chinese Government. I got these images from a trusted source; the images are not meant to offend but a call to raise awareness of the plight of people who are oppressed. Most oppressors forget soon after and initial challenge is made, WHAT IT IS THAT THEY HAVE DONE WRONG, they just move on as if noing has changed. Of course I thank the person who sent me these images.

One comment

  1. If we are to boycott games whose hosts oppress people, imposing a seemingly unwanted form of government upon them, perhaps we could follow up by having nothing to do with the London Olympics over Iraq. I’m certainly up for it.

    Anybody who believes that they can influence Chinese actions over Tibet is in a dreamworld. I don’t see anything better in reimposing a mediaeval Theocracy.

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