REPEAT – By decree of Section 1 Twining Act 2008 flag burning is declared a demeanour

May 5, 2008

I don’t understand why flag burning cannot be declared an offence. I am aware of a vicar or someone like that burning the American flag and in court the vicar advised that it was lawful because God had allegedly consented to this “damage” and because god owns all property and God had not complained it cannot be damage and his actions were lawful. OK OK, since the vicar probably owned the flag he might not be able to damage that, but this excuse is lame , “God told him to….” Why can’t we just bring in an offence for this? Now, I accidentally deleted this post so here’s what I can remember….

Also this tagging malarky: Here goes. Again I accidentally deleted this.

(1) Fact – next time I meet Dickiebo we will drink tea.

(2) I adore Japanese cars of the 70’s.

(3) I like football alot.

(4) Fact – PCSO Jo Bloggs is good looking…..or at least I think Jo is…

(5) Long live the king; Elvis.

(6) Blue is the colour for Noddy.

(7) Love all, hate none…. 



  1. Stop telling everyone I’m hot; I keep getting wedding proposals via email 🙂

  2. I just sort of said your blonde Jo….

  3. It most certainly is and it is not a crime to burn United flags. Only joking.

  4. Now now Noddy…

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