Forgive me I was texting during remembrance…

May 6, 2008

Some time ago at a remembrance day event for the Holocaust, I was humbled to hear a survivor talk. Well I would say he was a survivor because he was a child then; his parents sent him and his sister’s to the UK knowing what their end might be. The children kept in touch with their parents; but the parents didn’t survive. They became victims of the holocaust; and the holocaust is something that some until recently still deny occurred.

Hearing the speakers then I was left thinking, what was worse, the holocaust or the subsequent denial by some people that the holocaust ever occurred. A Jewish person I know described this denial after the event as a “double murder,” but we wouldn’t understand that, would we?

What the main speaker said was unbelievable in that, in our time we actually allowed the massacre of one ethnic group in this way. The Church, people of God, even they did not stand up for fear. One therefore wonders how the Church stands up now against hatred, or does it still remain in itself.

During this presentation I seemed to note  that the person sitting besides me, whom I had some respect for prior to what I saw, even if it was a little respect, was continuously texting someone and smiling at the texts. I was horrified. I was note taking so this really annoyed me. Lest we forget.

This was no ordinary person though, this was someone senior-ish, and not a police officer. Baffled, I later thanked one senior colleague and was led by this senior person to to thank the person that was texting……I assume they had no idea that the texting had occurred.

Bemused, I did something I should not have done, I thanked this person, but for allowing the event. It was remiss of me to thank this person, I should have told them exactly what I thought. I would therefore really like to withdraw my thanks now and say what I really feel but I am not allowed to.

Is this what value some people place on the holocaust? This was arrogant and ethnocentric behaviour of the worst type. If I had said this was racism I would have been hung dried and quartered. These same people may say that they care, but really do they care? It was jus rude.

I write this now having seen Chelsea win and I respect Avram Grant because the Holocaust was remembered in Israel on the day of the great match between Liverpool and Chelsea. Avram’s father buried his parents with his bare hands, but we wouldn’t know because we are too busy texting. The hypocrisy of it all…..These are the same people that hold some power over race portfolios.

I will say now what I could not say back then, these people, these types of people are not only ignorant but they are abhorrent, and two faced. And thankfully for the operational officer at our level most will not behave in this derogatory way. We have come some way as colleagues, but some of our leaders have not……The fact is they hold the keys to change, why oh why?

I know why people often say please don’t mimic our history and our roots? And even though people alive were not responsible in some way, shape or form, their ancestors were indeed responsible, and I am afraid that texting in this way is not the way to take responsibility.


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