More Human Rhetoric…..(HR)…..

May 8, 2008
I got some feedback on my HR post which I thought I would share with you. “Very good. I’m also very cynical about HR – look at their name: Human Resources. Says it all really. They are there as an organisation’s iron fist but like to pretend they are all very touchy feely and there to defend employees’ rights too. In my experience the reality couldn’t be more different. They also tend to be staffed by people with no skills, talent or idea about the real world but once they get in there they all end up thinking they are privvy to some kind of higher knowledge about human psychology. Lots of private companies make job applicants do psychometric tests which tend to be brought at the behest of these hugely expensive HR departments in an attempt to justify their existence. They think these tests illuminate the inner workings of someone’s mind but in fact they just give companies a reason not to employ people. They are the ultimate emperor’s new clothes.” Twining’s view is that HR can be systemic, academic, and ruthless. HR – is just a method of control; another control mechanism to protect the keeper’s of the system. Guess who was texting in the previous post?

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