“Tea Sir, he asked. “No, but can you make the awards ceremony livelier…”

May 14, 2008

…..was what the Chief said to their Staff Officer,  “They are a bit too dry…these events…you know.” “Don’t worry boss,” the Staff Officer replied. And along came the next ceremony……The Chief was talking the recipients and parched for thirst the  Chief picked up the glass of water laid on the side with lemon and ice. He began to drink; the voice cords needed this. It is suggested that the Chief smiled. Our Chief smiles alot.

Yes, this is lively, thought the Chief looking at the Staff Officer who was giggling in the corner of the room. Rumour has it, the glass of water was not water at all; but gin and tonic. Now, how many Chiefs might admit to this? And yes, I am also led to believe it was Indian Tonic water that was plied with the drop of gin.


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