The Twining Chronicles – Issue 22 – Saturday 17th May 2008

May 16, 2008

Musical chairs…..or “Dingo fever,” you tell me?

When BPA’s formed many years ago, we really didn’t know where we sat. Back in and around 1998 managers seemed to let us sit alone. Let’s leave them in the corner, can’t cause any harm from there!

Then apparently we sat more with Diversity, so they moved the control over us to them. Control being the operative word. I said back then, “we sit with the Federation surely.” “No, no Twining, we know best, there there, sit with Diversity.” I think one senior officer had responsibility for Diversity back then.

Then things went badly wrong in Diversity, so they moved us again, from Diversity to the “Corporates” section. “No, no Twining, “Corporates” are independant, you sit with us.” Here we go I thought.    Interestingly the same senior manager that had responsibility before for us, within Diversity, has responsiblity  for “Corporates.”   

I still say, “we sit with the Federation.” On a sperate note just the other day, someone at work was talking about “Dingo fever.” I had no idea what this was then, but now I know what this fever is! It’s a rare condition caused by “changes.”

This is just an illusion really, this change thing, a little tinkering here and there, when really these people really don’t want to change at all; what they do want is to be able to control BPA’s and there are several sure ways to do this. SADLY  there is no known cure for this “DINGO FEVER.”


(1) Set up a BPA post. Put a trusted Black colleague in there. (Create the illusion of care.) No one will know! When their time comes to move on consider advertising the post. 

(2) Interview for it, making sure the Senior Officer’s link from Diversity is on the interview panel.

(3) Choose selectively the person that you feel is least likely to resist and likely to make the candidate at (1) look good also.

(4) Of course you must make sure the candidate at (1) interviews also.

(5)  After a succesful interview place the candidate in post and hope for the best for the next few years.

(6) Appear interested in the years that follow, whilst not really being bothered. 

(7) It’s only a matter of time and this new candidate will resist. Then when this happens you must ignore them, so they leave. And when they leave, remove the post, forthwith. 

By now “Dingo fever” will have incubated. 8)

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