Sergeant Twining is about….Sir Ian goes off on one…..

May 30, 2008

Sir Ian was last seen growing a cannabis plant at his office in NSY…..His dinosaur like approach sees no bounds to say the least. He has now spoken out about knife crime, and he feels parents should do more.

Most of the parents don’t know what the kids are up to, and if they did, they are scared of the children; indeed some of the kids have left home.  Talk about Teflon management.

Perhaps Twining could advise Ian to…

(1) Put more resources in areas where this is prevalent, sworn resources and PCSO’s.

(2) Increase stop and search tactics. Oops I forgot, the new “Black” is dealing with terror, so this doesn’t matter; we’ll deflect this and blame, yes, the parents.

(3) You cannot necessarily blame parents for society’s ill’s. Deal with society’s ill’s or at least get Jacqui to.

(4) If all else fails Ian, sack your Staff Officer.  

Next thing he’ll be calling for is prison for the parents…..Has he any idea? Probably not.



  1. In actual fact twining, he has got a point. It is the parents responsibility. They have these kids and then let them do what they want. As long as it doesn’t bother them. Sorry to sound a bit harsh but it’s true, I’m afraid.

  2. Annette, how can one handle a kid that is out of control? You are not being harsh, the problem is sink estates….drugs….etc.

  3. Twining, the fact is that no child should become ‘out of control’ surely???

    The parents can’t be bothered with them and thats when they become out of control, because they have had no rules or guidelines.

    There may be one or two that will still become ‘out of control’ even with the parents guidelines etc, but not as much as we have now surely?

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