Hawaii Five 0 – or is it – The big four OH?

June 3, 2008

Hawaii Five-0 Theme

This post should be titled the big four as opposed to Hawaii Five O. The big four forces in England and Wales have come out and are going to be piloting what discretion looks like. One would like to think questions like, is this really a criminal matter will be asked in the case of school ballroom tiffs with a push and a shove in the backyard, and in countless neighbour disputes over boundary fences, malicious texts between ex partners, and the like. Phew!

Even though crimes might be recorded it is the magic words RESTORATIVE JUSTICE that are being whispered everywhere. So, what does this Justice look like? Search me. I think it means victims can have a say, no more sanctioned detection’s old boy. No more pressure on skippers to get sanctioned outcomes.

If a victim wants their fence painted because kids have damaged it, then kids will have to paint it. The victim might want the kids to go away, and they may have to agree to go away and upset someone else, or the victim might want the kids to do a bit of rough justice at the local gardening centre and actually do some work.

The big element as we know it is no more sanctioned detection’s as we will now perhaps begin to detect crimes which were previously not detectable I think, or so I am told. Clear up rates will increase and the offender will agree to reparation not necessarily admission. Don’t you just love the theme tune? Book em Danno! Whoops sorry, I meant book em Chief Constable….


  1. It’s actually quite exciting!

  2. Jo, you find Hawaii five O exciting!

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