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June 18, 2008


I have found an excellent site…..through DC’s blog. You might want to have a look. There’s an excellent article on Corporate manslaughter there. There are about 4 authors here looking at criminology. There’s Robin Hood, and The Wench. Nice names! And some others like Little John.

I added this bit….Have I got this right? If British companies are negligent abroad and as  result of this negligence, lets say deaths occur abroad, of say Black or minority ethnic people, then under this legislation, Corporate Manslaughter Act-ish, British companies are not culpable, but they might be culpable under that country’s law? If they catch the Director’s that is?

Yet if a British company was negligent in this country and this led to a death here then they might be culpable? So we can colonialise, make profits, take short cuts abroad and kill? Unbelievable. And they say we have race equality; not where profits are concerned?



  1. Dear Twining,

    I would say that you had that pretty much right.

    Although it is fair to say that any ‘gross negligent’ death caused by a corporation in any country abroad would not be eligible for prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act, the effect of this exclusion will be felt most in undeveloped and developing countries.

    The reason for this, of course, is that developed countries like the US have sufficient clout to hold British businessmen and corporations accountable (see the Nat West 3, for instance).

  2. Hi Sarge,

    Consider me an exchange student, come to see what you are up to over here – nothing but good, I see!

  3. Welcome both. So, Colonialism still exists in business deals?

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