Back room chats and collusive powers – or is it Magic?

June 19, 2008


A Chief Officer was seen storming into the Federation Office a few years ago, where-upon he spoke to the Chair, “What’s going on with the BPA, blah, blah?” The Chair responded, “What do you mean?”

“They can’t puIl out of recruiting, I allow them to exist, blah, blah.” “We had refused to support the recruiting of minoirty ethnic colleagues. Well Sir….,” said the Chair. “Can’t you get Sergeant Twining to shut up or something, blah, blah,?” said the man with the CROWN.

“No Sir, we can’t…..replied ther Chair,” in the suit.

Rumour has it, the said Chief then had a cup of  good old Twining’s tea, and walked off back to the corridors of power. Now these may not have been the exact words of the conversation, but this did happen; the Chief never told me so;I WONDER WHY? But the Federation did.

Now, what is it that the Federation had that the Chief didn’t have? Come on folks? No, it isn’t balls; IT MIGHT BE, BUT IT ISN’T. It’s a course in negotiation tactics of course. Oh, the games these people play! The picture above is me, looking for the Chief’s Staff Officer, and I guess that was the Staff Officer looking for the Chief! Gone are the days that these officer’s had moustaches….


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