The flag of St George

June 21, 2008


Some police leaders continue to talk alot of absolute rubbish as far as race relation’s goes. When asked why we couldn’t raise the St George’s flag on police premises, a Senior Officer allegedly responded similarly to this, “It’s not politically correct.” Of course I cannot say these were the exact words because I was not witness to this. Nonetheless, if I had been present it is unlikely that these words would have been used and it is more likely that some politically correct “kafumble” words would have been used in my presence. This says much in itself about collusion and what is and what is not said in front of us.

The funny thing is; who says it’s not appropriate to raise the English flag? Why is it not appropriate? Are we that naive to believe that most of our educated minority ethnic people would be offended in some way? (Obviously). And of course there may be some people who still associate the flag with the right wing, but this flag of England belongs to us all and we should reclaim it and celebrate it’s existence. Of all the rubbish I have heard from some people, this is bizarre, ludicrous and rather Liberal. The damage this causes is immense.

After all what gives these people the right to make the decision on my behalf that I might be offended by it? I might not be. In fact I am not. And it is this precise ,”kafumble,” (a Twining word meaning tripe), THAT GIVES RACE RELATION’S A BAD NAME. Let’s reassure the people that feel vulnerable by it, but let’s ensure that all people feel welcome by it. Let’s not allow people to use the national flag to divide. There are so many issues about identity crisis and Britishness that such PC decisions are rather poor.


  1. Tabloids and the web bristle with thousands of examples of PC madness and there are sites dedicated to the issue. But – for balance and truth and to undo the damage – I think we need a Black site that lists and provides classic examples of these “Looney Liberal” decisions.

    And not only the Looney liberal White “Don’t worry I’m deciding on your behalf” examples but also those made by minority ethnic people who are self-proclaimed decision fakers (not a typo) for all Black people…you know people like Keith Jarrett speaking for ALL Black people who say to him that really want to be stopped and searched for blades whenever they are out walking and driving whilst Black!

    I have one or two really crazy examples I would donate to such a site.

  2. The question is how and why did Jarrett come to power? Who were his backers? Jarrett could bite, but the problem was he had not teeth, and a toothless tiger is of no consequence to an institution in massive denial! The question is, did Jarret merely look after number 1?

  3. Twining,

    Politics……..not a hill worth dying on.

    You are dead right about the whole PC assumption malarkey tough.

  4. Reminds me of a newly elected Muslim Mayor of some northern city whose very first action was to raise the flag Of St. George above the Town Hall declaring that he was reclaiming it for the entire population, good for him.

    And for “a former chairman of the Royal Society of St George and a Muslim, I can assure Alum Bati (Letters, June 19) that there is no conflict in being both English and Muslim.”


    But the Police PC attitude does happen.

    “Recently, Ben Smith, an English football fan, decided to show his team support by displaying the flag of England – the red St. George’s Cross – on his car. Mr. Smith was pulled over by police on a routine traffic stop but the gist of the stop was far from “routine” — or is it?

    Ben was stunned to be told by the policeman that his Flag of England was racist and “offensive to immigrants” and that he would be fined £60 if he refused to remove it from view. ”


  5. I’m proud to be English.
    And Irish for that matter.

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