Twining Circular, (TC001), Police Associations – the funding of…

June 24, 2008

These set of guidelines are produced for our hundreds of police managers, the civil service, the Home Office and  some token individuals who might be involved in setting some guidance after a critical incident about police associations. Such critical incidents might include a racial murder, gang and violent crime in the Eastern European community or a terrorist attack. 

The aim of this guidance is to ensure that minority communities do not congregate, loot or cause riots.

(1) In the case of a racial murder that has occurred, first and foremost set up a National Black Police Association, (NBPA), then initially finely select who gets what positions inside it, allow it to self destruct through incompetence, because you have selected who goes in, then proceed to take the legs of said  individuals, spending millions in the process. Consider the unlawful and unethical use of RIPA fully.  Finally, remove all offices and finances from the said group whilst gun crime in the Black community is perceived to be an ongoing and serious problem.

(2) In the case of a terrorist attack having occurred or being imminent, fully promote and support the setting up of a Muslim Police Association, (MPA), so that individuals within then begin to look after the self.  Of course terrorism can be resolved by the MPA, promote this idea fully. And terrorists will trust Muslim Officer’s even though there was a well publicised and foiled plot by terrorists to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier. Proceed to create a said faith drift, instead of pushing cohesion, which is a national agenda, segregate further inside in a Colonial fashion.

The funding you have removed from the group at 1 can now be redirected. That way, you rule. Note fully that those you may be supporting may never have supported anti racist goals. Have a good honeymoon period. Then having held a terrorism conference, but having failed to officially invite the said association wait for a fall out and plan the removal of funding to fund the below.

(3) In the case of violent crime in the Eastern European community, people trafficking, etc., pre-empt this fully, send 6 officer’s on a visit to Poland, hoping that they may learn other European languages as well, publicise the matter locally in the news, all expenses and travel must be paid for of course, and when things don’t improve, as in they actually worsen, and all else has failed, as in the above groups have failed, set up an Eastern European Police Association,  (EEPA).



  1. […] Sergeant Twining’s guide – part 1- to setting up Police Associations … publicise the matter locally in the news, all expenses and travel must be paid of course, and when things don’t improve, as in they actually worsen, and all else has failed set up an Eastern European Police Association, (EPA). […]


  3. Its good laugh mate. Too many tears shed in our line of work. I shook my head in disbelief watching Top Gear on Sunday when they showed a clip of some bobby driving across a garden to escape a pursuing teenage biff who was threatening to throw a stone.

  4. I like it.

    Those foreign fact finding tours. I mean, have they ever brought back anything workable – other than the bargains that the recipients of these junkets buy duty free? On that note, I notice that Home Office Minister Vernon Coker is off on one to find out how the Dutch deal with prostitution in Amsterdam. Even though the Dutch have noted their policy is a dismal failure and they are closing down (bit by bit) the notorious red light area.

    Remind me again …who are the criminals? What a joke!

    Who holds the senior police officers accountable for failing to ensure that their BPA’s operate effectively? Nobody? Is that right? If so, no wonder then that well-oiled and effective BPA’s are not a national performance indicator. Perhaps someone needs to undertake a nationwide cost-benefit analysis of those BPA’s that are working well compared with those that are not working so well?

  5. Franky I agree with you, we should laugh. Robin, you have left me thinking, I shall have to produce a guide on managing BPA’s soon, and how Liberal managers can get round this problem. Perhaps this wil be Circular, TC002……..

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