The daggers are out, but has the tide turned as Tarique Ghaffur speaks out…again

June 26, 2008

I heard Mr Ghaffur at the Federation Conference this year. He was animated, and full of positive responses for policing the Olympics. So, I did not expect this news. For the most Senior Black/Asian Officer to again come out and say he has been racially discriminated against may be deemed a sin by his elaborate pushers up and down the corridors of power. But what will it do to public confidence?

I expect inside the Met. Blair will be sucking a thumb wondering who his closest allies are, Andy has gone, Cressida Dick remains a firm favourite supporter for Blair, and it is doubtful she will she support an allegation of racism against Blair? Oh, how the circle of promotion and support works for some folk. Interestingly C/Dick has been rather quiet of late. Also this will send a twist in the tale for Dizaie. People will be weary of him. I wonder what the atmosphere is like outside his office?

I expect in other Forces that this subject will be something Senior officer’s will today be having a cup of Cha, biscuits and conference over. I have no doubts SMT’s may sit and contemplate what impact this is going to have on internal politics of the poor treatment of some BPA members. The words, “Racist, racist, who the F is racist?” will be heard on this day at all command suites. Note, the finger is firmly pointed at SENIOR OFFICER’s.

Of course I would now also expect everyone internally and externally that comes out at Black History month every year, to begin to come out, but earlier than expected. It’s not October yet. The problems is, where were these same people when other local people needed them?  “Celebretising,”(a new Twining word), Ghaffur’s plight is what the media are doing. My own dealings with Blair’s Staff Officer led me to believe that what we are dealing with here in terms of Blair is a bully, someone that will look after himself. Just look at the pay deal issue; he never rocked the boat and wanted Jacqui to stay, just a little bit longer. But then I am of the same opinion of C/Dick and others, like Bettison, whom I have also had dealings.

The Staff Officer that I dealt with over the 7/7 incidents was an inept example of a bumbling buffoon more concerned about his career progression and getting me into trouble with my Force, then what I was saying to him. His words were ,my contact with them to advise that each of the 7/7 victims were victims of racial or religious murder, and we needed to understand this, were, that I “offended” the Met.

How endemic racism is, but he got away with it, as a rear guard protecting Blair’s poor understanding in the process. Perhaps he has been promoted since. He covered Blair’s backside and understanding by kicking mine. 

Thanks to NightJack, a dear colleague and somone I class as a friend, for informing me of what was happening. Next time I will explain how I was informed of this by another means in a less than appropriate manner. We need to understand, and this is my opinion, that Blair, Dick, and people like the vain Bettison, (who asked employees to monitor his wikipedia entry), and others like them still exist in the name of upward moving “career migs”, who have been promoted by a dinosaur mentality. (Here you will find two new Twining words; “dinosaur” being one).

The good work that is done on the ground will be questioned and trust and confidence may dip until these people and their prodigy’s go; for they have done more damage to the anti racist cause then any one of us could ever dream of doing.

Alas, the rear guard will twitch for a few days and then stand firm. Others will stumble, the yearly gathering of Black tokens will come out, the Liberals will strategise this morning and then wait for this to die a death. But the tide will turn…..in the favour of good Black and White folk that genuinely care. I agree with NightJack, this does not bode well for the Met. and this should not reflect badly only on us all; only perhaps on Blair and Duvall if they have acted badly. 



  1. The Peter Principle was conceived in a different place to the world of claims and counter-claims. He is a man promoted beyond his level of competence falling back on a tired reason for the MPA not promoting him even higher. If he had been that good he would not have lost his command to Moira

  2. And Blair? And Dick? What about these peoples?

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