Out of the Blue

July 6, 2008

Some time ago a Black colleague came to see me, and I thought it was to say hello. We chatted, then they went. I told them about the trials and tribulations, this crap, and that was it. I thought nothing more.

Then the colleague left me an email asking to see me. I thought this was for coffee! The day came, we met. And out of the blue it came…..there were difficulties……

And all of a sudden there are concerns again and you come back? there are alot of unanswered questions here, but this is what some colleagues do.

The Chiefs know this happens. What do they do? Nothing? I wonder why? Makes for a weak BPA I guess. Oh, Black people that don’t ask questions would suit the Chiefs. Who picks up the pieces? Who asks the difficult questions?

At that moment I thought to myself when the BPA has needed your support where have you been? I supported you nearly 10 years ago, but since then what have you done for the BPA?

Like I said lot’s of these people come out of the blue, hope something happens, hope someone else will do the asking, and then just go, never to lend a helping hand or anything like that. This colleague is not the only one to do this; this happens again and again and all over the country, all the time. Just out of the blue…….Worse still, Chiefs know this is happening.



  1. Twining mate.

    A colleague came to see you and you told them?

    You speak in very confused riddles.

    Tell me a funny story.

    I know I’m a bloody nuisance to my force and they want shot of me but I try to be amusing in my posts.

    I will soon be engaged again in battle with the management team who will try to convince me that the action plan they place me on is for my own good.

    Sod the lot of em.

  2. Franky, exactly, stuff the lot of them….

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