Twining Circular, (TC005), – The art of email ping pong

July 10, 2008

In this series of this circular Sergeant Twining articulates the art of email ping pong…..something that I would imagine affects most BPA’s. Ping pong is a fine art involving the movement of a ball from one side to another.  In email ping pong nothing changes, but the Princess of darkness always wins. Anyway here goes….

(1) The BPA should be upfront and reveal all details clearly in an email asking questions of the Force.

(2) The Force should respond with something that doesn’t resemble what the email sender asked. The Force should never be upfront and the sender should always seek advice before corresponding with a BPA.

(3) Having received this at (2) the BPA might again communicate a similar message as it originally did to the Force, as in (1), above.

(4) The Force should then respond with something which looks good but doesn’t answer anything requested at (1) above, hoping that the BPA won’t pick the fact up that it does not intend to answer anything asked.

(5) The BPA should then adopt the praying position and hope that people have the ability to understand the difference between what is right, wrong, and email ping pong. (A note of warning: BPA’s are not to hold their breath though; one could die hoping one would get a reasoned response from Forces).

(6) Failing this, ask to see the Chief and see if the email ping pong becomes email shuffle…..


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