Twining Circular, (TC006), – Differential treatment

July 11, 2008

In this circular of circulars Sergeant Twining explains the art of differentiation and how it can be enveloped within the concept of modernisation and sold to incompetent BPA’s. This is what managers up and down the country must continue to do to ensure they continue to promote effective race relation’s, (not), under the Race Relations Amendment Act.

(1) Ensure that you tell BPA executive members that they should not expect to attend all NBPA meetings, even though you don’t apply that same rule to any other policing function.

(2) You are to ensure that they understand that they must conduct vital support work of those claiming racial discrimination in thier own time, and sell the idea that this is about modernisation and value for money, and it doesn’t really matter that Chief Officer’s have been given the latest mod con vehicles for their use. The latest Volvo is more important than the BPA function.

(3) You must also ensure that they know that BPA meetings might even be expected to be conducted in their own time even though meetings of equal opportunity officer’s are conducted in duty time; noting fully and hoping that they do not pick up that equal opportunity officer’s can conduct their support work in duty time also. 

This is an excellent example of a Force duly carrying out it’s duty under the RRA, and moving us backwards 10+years yaar. Tea for me please!



  1. Next thing you know they’ll get into problems with this and the solution will be to sub-contract BPA work to retired greedy greasypole climbing-lackies ….who’ll charge the force £300 per hour consultancy fees!

  2. Yes, one can only conclude that a retired Black officer who may have toed the party line, who may be deemed an expert might be brought in. Failing that who knows? They could bring in an expert who has worked in Community Affairs, but the right qualification must have been that they have toed the line and will continue to toe the line.

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