The bags get heavier….in Ian’s office…

July 16, 2008

Republished: The sequel continues: The Staff Officer, after having taken advice, responded to me. I was so impressed that this officer was so busy answering Ian’s emails, and I remain impressed to this day. But as I say, before long I was asked to see one of my Chief Officer’s. I was duly advised, but it was understood that I meant well. Yet, no mention was made of the content of my message. This is what I wrote to he who must be obeyed.   

“I do not comprehend what you mean by, ” I do not think I have had the pleasure of replying to any emails from you before.” Why is it deemed a pleasure? Prior to this email I sent a message regarding the impact of stereotypes, which is clearly the email I was referring to. From your response it would appear that you do not wish to understand the impact of “race” or feel it unimportant in these matters.

I am not suggesting that the Metropolitan Police do anything that will prejudice the outcome. I thank you for correcting me. Clearly the service has been here before with the Kent enquiry which preceded the Macpherson Report. If Ian Blair does not have time for issues that he publicly comments upon, without a “full” understanding then that is a matter for yourselves.

We are all busy, but some of us have a reasonable grasp of the subject of “race.” I sent this and the previous email to assist because there is a blatant lack of understanding of “race” nationally and certainly within your offices from your response to me. I see that institutional racism has not left the Metropolitan Police Service. Some of the issues I mentioned could be having an impact on your officers but I am now left wondering whether I have the abilities to strike a sentence in English let alone make any sensible contribution that is valued.”


“Dear Sergeant Twining, Thank you for your reply. I have forwarded your e-mails to Chief Constable so and so’s office for his attention.

Yours sincerely, Staff Officer. “

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