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September 6, 2008

I just wanted tom say “Hello”, I am about but it’s been a bit manic lately. So much has happened since my last post. Er….The local BPA was referred to as “dwindling.” “Not my fault,” I said, especially when the HMIC and Chiefs push to set up different groups by faith. Oh, to the old divide and rule tactics….works so well…..

Also Mr Ghaffur has spoken out, only to be slammed down by a middle aged geezer with glasses, er I think he’s the second in command there in the MPS. Mr Ghaffur has sought support from the NBPA as opposed to the MPA. Where will all this end? Adious for now….Tea yaar!



  1. Tea, the answer to all our problems, whether you take it black or white, unless of course you are a Mormon!

    Welcome back PeePee.

  2. Let’s hope we all win something worth wining this year.

    Kind regards


  3. Blimey Twining, where you been?

    Tarique ended up going to Messrs Dean & Dean after all. I did not choke on my coffee with amazement at the news.

  4. It was interesting that you refer to the claimed setting up of different faith groups as using the ‘divide and rule’ tactics. Would you not agree that to have the Black Police Association, the Gay and Lesbian Association and the Women’s Association, all of which appear to be single issue focus groups, is not a method of divide and rule (the subs for a black lesbian who joins all three associations must be horrendous)? Before these organisations there was the Police Federation and a well tried and proven internal system for those who felt they had been unfairly treated. The formation of these organisations, utilising general race, gender and colour legislation means that any grievance is not only dealt with on its merits but also on the race, colour or gender of the person making the grievance (unless the person concerned is a white, heterosexual, male when only the merits of the case are looked at – I speak from personal, insider, knowledge). If this is not divisive I have no idea what is. Is the BPA supporting Mr Ghaffur because they believe he has a genuine case or because he has a proper case because he is black?
    Anyway, welcome back, you’ve been missed.

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