Look closely at the qualifications of those in Diversity! And you will find a chapati.

September 8, 2008
If a support group does not stand for principal, then it is merely a token gesture of control. A support group, “manned,” may I say that, by Liberal do gooders who care for themselves first, and the community second, leads us to a mass mess.
There are many Black colleagues that have used the BPA name to suppress racism, and move up the ladder. But I have also seen the worst forms of discrimination from other support groups, and when support groups take each other out, who wins? Not policing, but individual’s of whatever colour, gender, sexual orientation, rank, disability, er….who have power.
Plodnomore also, when have the powers to be gone for setting up association’s? When the icing hits the cake. We had it with the NBPA with the murder of Lawrence’s and now o’er, the MPA are launched, because of terrorism.  Shall we have tea? In amongst the qualifications of this elite group will be a few O levels…..That is all….The mandatory department will have one of each minority in it perhaps. but honestly, what makes them qualified?


  1. Oh dear, what have I done? There was no intention of suggesting that BPA, G&LA or WA are, in themselves, a form of divide and rule. I mentioned it as you had already suggested that other ‘faith’ groups may be such a form.

    As long as their intentions, and actions, are pure then there is no reason why such organisations should not exist. It is only if or when they develop tunnel vision and can only see the part of the problem which directly affects them. I retired several years ago from a County Force and can honestly say that any overt racism, homophobia or sexism was swiftly quenched by my colleagues or myself by making it clear such behaviour or comments would not be tolerated (and this was in the 80’s/90’s and pre-political correctness).

    Regardless of colour, creed or gender we were all part of a team and respected that and each other. Not being in a Metropolitan Force may have had something to do with that but perhaps not – it may have just been the calibre of the officers in that force or at that station. I do know of an officer who became a prominent member of the local BPA who had been prosecuted for assaulting his wife whilst drunk; driving (and crashing) a Police car whilst drunk and publicly insulting the wife of the Ch Supt whilst drunk.

    In each case he was supported by the local BPA, given token offences and since promoted twice. At roughly the same time, a white officer had driven his own car, off duty, to a hospital after being told his daughter had been injured. He was arrested at the hospital for PLO by another officer and was required to resign. They were both on the same division and dealt with by the same ACPO rank.

    I am not picking on the BPA as there are other stories I could tell involving the G&LA and even a Masonic connection. My point is that if such organisations really are ‘single issue focus groups’ then perhaps they are not, necessarily, a good thing. By the way, I am of mixed blood and grew up in a North Eastern steel town so am aware of prejudices from both sides.

    Perhaps it was my few O levels but it took some time to work out what you were saying (and I may have got it wrong even now).

  2. Plodnomore – It’s gone underground dude! You make some valid points though. there is a great deal of anomosity against the BPA’s, it’s hidden, and even involves other groups having a go.

    The question is, who is on the lowest rung? The problem with the MPA is that now some dudes will be elevated to “expert” status without any qualification or understanding, but all because they are a part of a group. And then what of the BPA? Race and faith intertwine! Anyway it’s good to talk. How many O level’s have you got? At least you seem like an honest dude by the way. That’s what matters.

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