Inspector Gadget – Where has he been?

September 9, 2008

I can report that Inspector Gadget’s absence was due to the fact that I met up with him in a little town in Ruralshire to interview him about recent events, his upcoming situation, his book, his life and sheep. So don’t worry he is OK. 

Anyway, this is how it went as I drove up to Ruralshire, (damn fields), in the blinding rain. We met at a secret location in, you guessed it, a tent in a field. This way no one knew where we were. I had to park my Nissan car some miles away, in a car park and then make my way on foot out of town, towards the country. Some miles out I found our meeting point and 400 yards off the road in a secluded spot was the tent. I knocked on the door!

Twining: “Gadget, boss, are you there, shit, I’ve stepped in some sheep poo! I could hear the sniggering inside.

Gadget: “Argh Twining old fellow, come on in out of the rain, but do take your shoes off.”

Twining “Gadget, Jesus, I travel miles to see, you, you make me park my Nissan miles away, I crossed country to get here. And you meet me in a field?”

Gadget: “Tea, old boy?”

Twining: “No time for tea, what’s the latest? Where are PSD?”

Gadget: “You see that field”, gadget pointed to the next door field, “well you see that barn, there in there, see those binoculars. Now look outside, you see that microphone staked to the ground, that’s them.”

Twining: “Ok boss, you mean our PSD’s are like remote controlled robots. I’ve bought some curry and poppadoms for you.”

Gadget: “Good lad. And the pickle?”

Twining:” Did you bring my Ruralshire T-shirt, the one you promised me.”

Gadget,: “Twining, er no, NightJack bought the last one, then there’s the staff at Monday books and Ellie, er I am sold out……

Twining: “Surely a discount is in order boss? So tell me what happens now?”

Gadget: “Nothing really, back to normal, the book’s come out, Dan is happy, Debbie and the kids are happy, even the K9 and whiskers are happy, but the Chief well he isn’t very happy at all, (moody so and so). “Who am I and what do I do for him? I’ll give him what I do for him. I gave him this book you see. And the fool, he gave it to his Staff Officer. The fool then asked for my signature.”

Twining: “What did you do?”

Gadget: “I asked him what he was going to do about the sham in policing, the bureaucracy, the faults, the HMIC, the whole lot?”

Twining: “What did he say?”

Gadget: “He asked me for my signature again, so I took the book back.”

Twining: “Boss, what happens now?”

Gadget: “Well, we have some tea.”

Before long our time was done, the Twining’s was good. And there was no bill!. Gadget then took me for a long walk as he mulled things though in his head. Miles, miles, we walked miles. His mobile phone kept ringing so I took it off of him and through it to the ground breaking it, (theft or damage I thought?). Then finally we had some peace.

We walked and walk that day. He talked, I listened. We stopped off at a chippy, and then at a B and B. Gadget phoned home. I phoned Mrs Twining, and then we drank rum. What a night. The next day we walked and walked, for miles again. I never got to ask him about the sheep. He had cleared his head and then in my trusty Nissan I dropped the Gadget to another field near his house. That was the last I saw of him. And so this explains his sudden disappearance.


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  1. Officer, Job Done!

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