The Twining Chronicles – **PRESS RELEASE** – Blair V Ghaffur

September 10, 2008
 This is a shocking picture. I don’t think he anticipated the power of the Met. Having just noted that Mr Ghaffur has now officially been placed on official garden leave because of his conduct in relation to the holding of a press conference, the team at the Twining Chronicles is having to rethink things for fear of being “garden leaved”. Can we speak out? What if we do? We do not feel that the actions of Ian Blair and his advisor’s to place Mr Ghaffur on garden leave were proportionate. It is also not a good time for gardening. The summer is over. However what matters is not what we think but what the major stakeholders in race internally think? Interestingly we feel that these people are never to be seen or heard when required. There is an interesting sketch from goodness gracious me where the only ethnic minority person on the board was subsequently moved away for speaking out. Not that this is anyway similar to a sketch! We feel that the actions of Mr Blair, his advisors, and co may be viewed as rather frank, noting the historical and continuous efforts of Mr Ghaffur in actually informing the service of the problems of race. And since we often deal with perceptions, here’s ours; it would appear that some people generically seem to perceive that Mr Ghaffur has carried out a tremendous publicity stunt with the aid of the NBPA. However, in light of the placing of Mr Ghaffur on garden leave, the Met and the MPA need to understand what message it has sent out to the Black community,  “put up and shut up!” we reiterate our concern that who, on the front line, will pick this damage up when confronted by an angry Black or Muslim youth? We feel it won’t be The Commissioner or his advisor’s. Personally, we would not have advised Mr Ghaffur to hold a press conference, but we would have advised him to hold a party instead of the press conference. And no doubt there will be someone filling the gap left by Mr Ghaffur, whoops there already is, as the other career snatchets look on at their chances to get the top post when Blair finally crumbles. Our immediate advice to Black people that speak out in the UK against Blair is this:
(1) Don’t speak out at Blair.
(2) If you do speak out, make sure you own a garden and a shed.
(3) Be mindful about how many O levels some of your advisor’s have. If they have less then 5, ditch their advice and do as Blair tells you to. 
(4) If Boris Johnson turns up, flee rapidly.


  1. And my advice to Asian Assistant Commissioners…

    1. Be very grateful to the service that promoted you to one of the very highest positions in any British Police force.

    2. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Ungrateful sod!

  2. You will notice that I don’t edit comments. Dickie, I guess tea is out of the question old boy, is it?

    Dickie, if the hand was racist, if a hand can be racist, can a hand be racist? Then I am afraid I might bite.

    As a result of your conduct, however, and free speech, which may go against mine, or may not, but just because I have some power, and having sought advice, you are now officially on leave! Damn you are retired!

  3. Re-tired? Or just simply ‘tired’?

  4. Older than me, and wiser in certain areas. Retired. Anyway I have some questions. (1) Did Blair promise Ghaffur the job as number 2 in commmand? (2) If he did, why did he then not deliver? (3) Who else was in on this, if this is what Ghaffur says happened? (4) Did the two have an almighty row a few years back, after which Ghaffur was given a lesser post? (5) What was the argument about? (6) Who else was involved? (7) How much of this has been tape recorded?

  5. Twiners, ol’ boy;
    1. I wouldn’t put anything past a politician, least of all, a left wing politician, so I don’t know.
    2. Probably couldn’t, because NuLabour’s blue-eyed boy has the job.
    3. If I were a cynic (!!), I might guess at, …er… say… Dizzy?
    4. Don’t know. You tell us.
    5. Didn’t know that they had one. Didn’t make eyes at Cherie, did he?
    6. Won’t know until you tell us.
    7. I’ll ask ‘The Sun’!
    No sugar in mine, please. I’m just not used to luxuries nowadays.

  6. More questions? (1) Is it possible that Blair is a bully? (2) Is it posible that the second in command is a bully also? Did you say one sugar old boy or two? With milk or without?

  7. IMHO Blair is the worst kind of bully – but that’s only my opinion, of course!

    Must confess that I don’t know much at all about Stephenson. I did think that perhaps he was the best of the bunch but…..what the hell do I know?

    In my day junior officers hardly ever came into contact with such senior officers, but then we didn’t have things like the BPA.

  8. PS. Sorry. My answers to the 7 points above were because I thought that you were referring to that other brilliant Blair!!!

  9. Now now Dickie, I don’t know Blair, or Stephenson and I have met Ghaffur a few times, as part of the BPA. we have exchanged glances that’s all.

  10. If the Met is ever going to go forward and get past all this real or perceived racism, the truth must come out, however unpalatable it is. From the outside it is difficult to know what is going on but without doubt Commander Blair is on his last legs and it is not a case of if he goes but when. TG can also retire. Neither party have anything to lose but their reputations. I think it will turn nasty (or nastier).

  11. Mr Ghaffur said, “I’ve found a way,
    To get money from the Met, who I say,
    Are vindictive and racist,
    And in ethics are the basest,
    And I’ll use my friends in the NBPA.”

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