The rise of the Chawala culture in the Met

September 17, 2008

This is very very spooky. Ghaffur speaks out, admittedly nothing had stopped him reaching number 3 in the country. Now we are told his solicitor is being investigated. 

And if this was not enough, again just after Ghafur has spoken out, the President of the NBPA is linked to the undermining of a prosecution case.

Personally, I don’t think Ali would be involved in this at all. Let’s wait and see.

The sword in the MET has been wielded, would you trust Blair, his Staff Officer’s or Stephenson? They all appear a little bullish or bullyish.

Find me one RANKING Senior Officer that has got there that hasn’t bullied along the way?  

As for the title, Sir, given to bullies, I rather prefer the title chawalas.  


How strategic is it that all this information comes out now when the senior most ranking ethnic minority officer speaks out? Let’s not forget on the way up how his peers have used Ghaffur’s success to stamp on any uprising.



  1. “Personally I don’t think Ali would be involved in this at all”. Twiners, are you after a Medical Discharge? Good grief man!

  2. Dickie, when have you known me to lie or not tell the truth? See. I don’t think Blair and his Staff Officer’s are able to lie straight in bed. And if this applies to Blair, I dare say Hayman and Dick, and Stephenson are the same.

  3. In fact, ALL the top Met Officers – except, of course, Gaffer!
    ?And not, perhaps, Corkscrew Dizzy?
    No place here for reality, I suppose?

  4. Who have the Met gone for in terms of taking thier legs? Erm Not Blair, or Stephenson or Dick or Hayman. But, well Ghaffur and Ali? That’s reality.

  5. Twiners, ol’ boy. Anybody who publicly slags off their employer is normally dismissed instantly. Gaffer should have been. Dizzy? Hells bells, Twiners, he has set back ethnic minority officers in the Met by about 10 years. Even Joe Public can see what a complete and utter disgrace this person is, and anybody who sympathises with him should be avoided at all costs!

  6. Dickie we haven’t got all the facts. The Met leadership know all the facts and cunning plans at their disposal. Ghaffur has not slagged anyone off. He has made an allegation, that is all. That’s called freedom. I don’t know the facts in relation to Ali.

    Like I said, Joe P may have seen Hayman or Dick as a disgrace also, but Joe P tends to be majority ethnocentric, and won’t have the same knowledge as Black victims of race hate. In the same way, how can THEY see the race games being played by many a leader?

    Joe P will never see or believe the games we say are being played. Of course Joe P will be outraged about the allegations made by Ghaffur and Ali. But they won’t be outraged by the behaviour of Hayman, Dick and others. Are you saying I should be avoided at all costs?

    By the way, Ghaffur has got to the third highest rank. That’s a hell of a lot of progress. I am being serious. But that doesn’t mean he has not been harassed or treated badly by those above him.


  7. Twining – have to agree with Dickie on this one. As a black officer in the Met I am ashamed that Ali Dizaei seeks to represent us. He is an embarrassment to himself & to all black and ethnic officers. The police are better off without him. There are plenty of role models – Mike Fuller for one – who put public service above their own arrogant self promotion.

    Ghaffur is another matter altogether and I have no doubt there is more to this saga than meets the eye. I suspect he has been badly advised judging how he has handled himself with the media. I await the discrimination hearing with interst.

  8. Anonymous – welcome to the blog – I note what you say, but Fuller on the way up has kept himelf to himself as regards race. Even recently when DS Henry from his own Force said a few words Fuller did not comment. The jury is out on this. I think most Senior Officer’s are arrogant career chawalas. I don’t know Fuller.

  9. Bullies pick their victims carefully. Be careful Sarge – don’t let them have an excuse.

    Dizzy is a case in point – he was wronged but he is always trying to sucker punch his employers to make himslef appear smart… I don’t think that’s such a smart move unless he wants them to get him in the end…because he won’t let them be. In some ways it’s Dizzy that has turned bully… he bullied the bullies in his book and they are now making him pay.

    Now you could argue that old chestnut “Ah they want him to behave like am “accptable” minority ethnic”… a Black man must be a sell-out to survive….

    Does not wash though – police would have “the legs out” from any officer behaving that way – white, black asian, arab, male female etc etc. Dizzy is self destructive.

  10. Last anon, “Bullies pick their victims carefully. Be careful Sarge – don’t let them have an excuse.”

    Thank you, and you are right. Noted. I wouldn’t trust Blair and his merry men and women as far as I could throw them. Like I say, Hayman left swiftly after a knighthood. Dick has kept quiet after De Menezes and we are still awaiting the outcome of that.

    These people know exactly what games are being played by them, keeping quiet when things are awash. I hope I haven’t given them any excuse here, but I wouldn’t expect them to be reading my writings…..I am just a loud mouthed Black Sergeant. I don’t think they want Ali to behave like a sell out, they can’t make him. I think they don’t know what to do with him.

    I also think they didn’t think Ghaffur would challenge them. He was a safe pair of hands once, brought on to say everything was fine, but he doesn’t say that anymore. They don’t know what to do with him either. It remains to be seen how much he does challenge, and whether he will challenge other things that have thus far been shhhtmd.

    Anon last – thanks for caring, whomever you are. And welcome to this blog.

  11. A wife beater, an alleged credit card fraudster, an alleged conspirator in a criminal trial, a potential conflict of professional integrity and interest, an adulterer, a proven liar, what else do you need to understand about Dizae to show that he is not the type of person to represent either the Metropolitan Police or the NBPA. If he had been a white, heterosexual, Christian Constable, he would have been ejected from the Met with such force he would have landed in Sunderland! The only reason that Dizaei is still in the job is because he plays the card that Blair fears so much – and they both know it. As far as Ghaffur is concerned, I fear that he has been listening to his mentor too much. A sad day for the Police Force in general and the Mets in particular.

  12. God knows where all this will end. And now Ali Dizaei has been suspended. And I don’t think Comm Blair will survive the de Menezes inquest. I don’t know how ‘guilty’ any of them are, but none of them have much to lose and all to gain from book sales and compensation etc. It is important that the truth comes out, even though it might be distasteful.

  13. Putting it another way, Dean and Dean keep getting clobbered by the “establishment” for overcharging clients. The SRA keep dealing with them for client complaints. They sue the SRA (ongoing) and start to pursue a quite unlawyerly high media profile. Then all of a sudden they start getting front page type high profile police clients.

    It is easy to see a conspiracy in every circumstance. The truth, who knows? A clash of egos? An officer torn between the demands of his wider community and his job? An officer who brings some very un-PC personal baggage to every office? A solicitor who gets bills very wrong but in his favour? A top boss who has willingly allowed the service to be politicised?

    I’ve said it before, a plague on all their houses. Take them all away and start again with people fit to do the job.

  14. “Fuller on the way up has kept himelf to himself as regards race” – If this is the case Twining, then surely he is the ideal candidate?

    What we need in the Met is strong inspired leadership regardless of whether they are black; white; female; muslim or gay. Just give the Met an inspired leader who is a not a politician; a person who cares about the public they serve more than they care about themselves and a person who leads his/her officers by example. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

    Blair/Disaei/Ghaffur – they should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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