This is Cowboys and Indians but who is going to be the next Commissioner?

September 19, 2008

It is absolutely strategic that Stephenson, the second in command, came out when he did to say what he did. I would not have expected Blair to come out and echo the same sentiments. That would be bullying and victimisation.  Mind you, he did imply previously that Ghafur needs to step into line or he will deal with him. I wonder, who else was involved in dealing with Ghaffur?

Was it Blair? Was it Stephenson? Was it both? Now they have both slapped him down. And we know exactly where their respective Staff Officer’s stand on this. If one does not stand by one’s master one will not get promoted further up to cause the shambles we have now.

This is not politicisation but the end result of playing Cowboys and Indians with a sensitive subject. Blair has politicised many things. Let us remind ourselves of the failures he was a part of. Stephen Lawrence. The Kent Enquiry. Jean Charles de Menezes. And then he had control over Hayman and Dick, and this isn’t over yet. Blair’s record on race does not stand scrutiny. He is a politician that has damaged race. Will Blair survive this? And he has the support of Boris? And we know what Boris thinks of Liverpudlian’s. Blair will have his own minority ethnic individuals who will come out when called upon.

It’s funny really because waiting in the wings are fellow career Officer’s keeping shtmm but ready to butter their bread with the speak of Home Office lingo to get themselves the most coveted of prizes; the Commissionership of the Met.



  1. There’s none so blind as they who do not want to see. Twiners, just read the comments on your last post. YOU are totally blinded to the truth. Black, black, black. If it’s not, then you seem to believe it’s wrong. Not Dizzy – the worst excuse for a British Bobby that ever lived, not Gaffer – who seems to suggest that he’s been shat on (God. I wish that Robert Mark had similarly shat on Dickiebo), not the host of , – sorry, don’t know what colour, but – officers of the Black Police Association who were in charge of funds that were, well, er….highly dubious, etc., etc., etc. If YOU can actually believe the unbelievable, then we should simply accept that the great British Public may also! God help us.

  2. Dickie calm down. Blind to the truth? Have you ever been the victim of continued race hate? Do you have any ideas of what impact it has on oneself, the family, etc? I believe alot of things. I believe our managers are out for one thing only, self promotion. I think that they lie, because I believe I have heard them lie, and yes, this is in race cases. Like I said, have you been the victim of race hate?

    Ghaffur – placed on garden leave for what? Hayman lied. He wasn’t placed on garden leave. Everyone got behind him. Dick’s evidence was poor. Everyone rallied round her. Ghaffur challenges from the inside, and he’s gone? Perhaps Blair should go. Dickie, Ghaffur was not involved in anything that led to the loss of an innocent life, unless you count his silence. This is the way race affects people. This might be my last post for what it’s worth.

  3. Now the NBPA is refusing to have anything to do with senior management in the Mets. Instead of saying, “This is getting out hand, let’s sit down and talk and discuss how we can ALL work together to resolve the issues.” Instead, they throw their toys out of the pram and declare that they are not playing any more! They are doing everything except saying, “Is it ‘cos I is black?” As I have said before, when single issue focus groups start concentrating on that single issue to the exclusion of everything else then no one can be blamed for thinking they have outlived their usefulness. I am so glad I am now looking at from the outside, though sad that a once proud profession has been brought to its knees through dubious factors and ethics.

  4. “Have you been the victim of race hate?” Well, by your definition, yes. Many, many times, particularly whilst in the Met. Any time that I upset somebody, I became a ‘Welsh git’! How awful! Nobody ever mentions the fact that I called others, “Cockney git”, “Scouser git”, “Geordie git”, not to mention the poor old “Thick Paddy”, etc., etc. AND, the Liverpudlians steal our Welsh Water – what are you going to say about that? WE need a Dizzy and B.P.A. to protect us. ‘Cos, by your standards, if we were black, then that would be race hate, so how come because we’re mainly white, it ain’t? Just depends on what we WANT to see.

  5. ‘I believe our managers are out for one thing only, self promotion’

    Does that include you Twining? As a Sgt, are you on the first footrung of the greasy ladder to the top? Do you care about the constables in your care more than your own career? Will you use your race to gain a promotional advantage? If overlooked for that promotion will you accuse the organisation of racism?

    Just interested. It’s not a personal dig at you but I am just sick of the obsession with race.

  6. Plodnomore – the honest cop has lost out by this.

    Dickie – Have you been assaulted because your Welsh? Can you hide your identity? Black people can’t. Being called a Welsh git might be different to being called a Black Bastard and then kicked in the head.

    Anonymous – No, I am not on the way up, and I care about my staff more than my career. The ladder is what you make it. I don’t do greasy.

    Dickie I am surprised at you, but I don’t dislike you. I actually like you. Plodnomore thank you for giving me some decency here. You have not said anything abusive here.

    But this feels like an almighty attack on all of us Dickie. Why?

  7. Simple (if that is how you see it)! You spend nearly all, yes nearly all, of your time moaning about being hard done by, and show your colours by supporting, of all people, the likes of Disgraceful Dizzy. That says far more than your words can ever say, Twiners. Do read the article that I have inserted a link for. THAT is your Mr. Innocent!

  8. Twining,

    Who, apart from the poor old plods on the ground floor, are the honest cops?

    Blair came from Surrey with a reputation for political correctness and worked and refined that (apart from retaining his integrity by agreeing to shave off the beard he had worn (with pride?) for so many years). It is my belief that he was chosen to be the Met Commissioner purely because of this and the fact that he was very chummy, chummy, with the other Blair. Aptitude and ability came a very bad second in this appointment.

    Dizaei is a chancer who has taken advantage of the Human Rights Act, that same political correctness enthused over by Blair, and, like all chancers, has taken advantage of it to the detriment of his position and the oath he took on joining the Police – unless he did a Tony Banks and crossed his fingers. He saw a weakness in the system which he could utilise and manipulate for his own betterment and advancement yet still partook in actions of dubious morals (sexual affairs, cheating on his mistresses, threatening his mistresses, hooky arrests involving hubble bubble pipes, hooky expense claims, unauthorised use of his Mets credit card – the list goes on).

    As I have said before, is this the type of person who should be representing Black Police officers? Are the NBPA supporting him only because he is black? Be truthful now. He would be better suited to wearing a striped jersey and a mask while carrying a bag marked swag than he would full Police uniform whilst dining out in a restaurant (what sort of twonk does that, anyway?).

    As mentioned in an earlier blog, I am of mixed race and am aware of disharmony regarding race, though feel I have seen it on both sides and neither side can claim the moral high ground. Time for a vote of confidence I think. I vote for Twiners.

  9. Dickie, I am not moaning. OK I am. Blogs are about the truth as we see it. Don’t you moan about things you care about? You may learn more here then you would on a diversity course!

    Arguably Dick and Hayman are disgraces too, and Blair and Stephenson.

    Plodnomore, I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I am like a thorn in their side, and thorns are something they keep away from. This would be a better place if people like your were still in the job.

    You may learn more here then you would on a diversity course!

  10. At the risk of attracting the opprobrium of everyone on this site, I shall nonetheless operate by the ‘speak as you find’ rules (that have caused me no end of trouble over the years).

    I was a DC at a very busy inner-city Met nick when Cressida Dick was a uniformed inspector. She was outstanding. She had the guts to challenge the idle, grumpy old sweats (uniform and CID alike) but did so sensibly. She was very pleasant but she got things done. Her team called her ‘Guv’ (unusual when dealing with a female, and a mark of respect). She was firm, fair and a pleasure to work with.

    Maybe she made mistakes. I don’t know – I wasn’t there. But show me a person who never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who has never done anything. I know I’d back her.

  11. I wouldn’t know what opprobrium means and you are welcome here ex Met DC. I CAN’T SAY THE SAME ABOUT CRESSIDA THOUGH. Oops caps locked. This mistake cost a life of an innocent man. Her evidence was poor.

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