Who is the ideal candidate for the Commissioner post? Part 2.

September 20, 2008

In my last article a contributor suggested that Fuller might be the ideal candidate to lead the Metropolitan Police Service. I do not know Fuller, but a candidate that distances themselves from the broad minority community, will have little confidence in them and vise versa. If you ignore your own background, you become tokenistic, just like the others climbing the pole. What difference is there? You become like them. You simply don’t mention race on the way up.

Therefore the ideal candidate for Commissionership cannot come from the current upward career thinking Senior Officer’s for they will have been pushed through the system with similar ideals to those managers that have politicised policing and brought it to it’s knees. These people have told us how they are delivering on race, diversity and policing.

They have not achieved on race; operational colleagues that care as individuals are the ones delivering day in day out, not the Commissioner or his Staff Officer. They are stuck in the past with their middle class friends maintaining the divide rule tactics and poverty traps that ensure we deal with people on the streets.

The ideal candidate for the leadership of the Metropolitan Police will not be a bully, he/she will not be ruthless, he/she will have compassion and will not be frightened of saying sorry if we get things wrong.

Note: How many other Chief officer’s have sought to either support Ghaffur openly or support the Commissioner openly? None, why? Because they are like wolves waiting to pick the spoils of battle. None of these people, without courage, can ever hope to gain confidence of the troops or of the community.

There are no current Senior Officer’s to my knowledge that have these basic skills of humility and humanity.  Perhaps therefore what we need at the top is an honest working class Police Officer. This spells the end for the current SMT in the Met.



  1. And what about you? Aren’t you a candidate?

  2. Dear Miss Snuffy, as qualified as I may be I am afraid I am not a candidate. But I am rather working class I guess. There is a terrible double edged sword in relation to policing and ethnicity that it is a dangerous issue to grapple with. Me, I am afraid I am a fakir to some of our leaders, a thorn in their side, someone who is a loose cannon even.

    (By the way you are very welcome here anytime.) It is wonderul to note that out there are others, and I must say you write eliquently, out there. I am afraid I am neither liked by some Black counterparts who boost the ego of the likes of Blair, nor some White candidates, who view us as a threat. I am also afraid, on the other hand, that I have the ability to write using the verbal equivalent of the baseball bat.

  3. Twining dear boy, you are quite correct. They are all twats.

  4. However, where your idealistic vision of SMT nirvirna is coming from I am not too sure. Suggest you take your Insp exams ASAP.

  5. Nirvana? Now that would be a wonderful thing. Anonymous at 4, things are unlikley to change until we develop a new style leader for the current crop may be as bad. The current crop do not understand politicisation, but they all do it, they fight everything with denial, and they bring in HO processes like if their career depended on it, and their career does!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, ‘Yates of the Yard’ is being mooted as a real challenger.

    For me, I’d like to see Bob Quick in the post. Kipling’s ‘If’ could have been written about him.

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