Ian Blair holds a press conference after being placed on garden leave.

October 3, 2008

At the Twining Chronicles we have been saying this for a long time, Blair must go. And we will continue saying who else needs to go. Blair finally holds a press conference after being placed on garden leave. The Twining Chronicles were ever present. (Blair won’t be fired; he has resigned).

So we want a new leader in the Met says Boris? Or shall I say what Boris wants Boris gets. Sadly, Jacqui Smith didn’t look too happy during question time, but then she has never played politics with policing! Has she? Guess there was no time for a spliff.

A new team more like it. Blair’s cronies must also now go, Dick is one, Stephenson another. This was rough justice. Let’s just hope that one lazy system is not replaced with another and Bettison keeps well clear. But, there will be countless potential Chiefs all looking for glory…..If they are anything like Bliar, Stephenson, or some others then the MPS is truly and utterly stuffed.

“New Labour,” my foot, “new racism” more like it. For now, Blair will begin to learn about gardening and the like. Anyone know how old he and Ghaffur are? Boris will bring in who he wants, perhaps a Conservative robocop is on their way in, sadly I fear Stephenson will be made up; he looks stern and Conservative enough. That’ll keep the minorities at bay. For now though we have to go, more pressing things to do, see comments on the last post.


  1. I’m not sure it’s fair to call Stephenson a Blair crony. I think he comes across as a pretty stright guy, and he has the support of the MPA in a way that Blair didn’t. He also made it clear when he took the deputy’s job that he was not the Commissioner designate, but wished to retire at the end of his contract – I don’t blame him: he got the dosh and the knighthood without being in the hot seat! The word is that John Yates is the front runner by a fairly wide margin, with Mike Fuller as a good outside bet.

    My snout also tells me that the MPA were going to suspend Blair because of this latest investigation into the award of contracts, and that he preferred to resign. Perhaps that explains the gardening leave, given that Jacqui Smith had asked him to stay on while the search for his successor was well under way. There’s more to this than meets the eye, IMHO.

    Either way, the MPS is well rid. Blair did some good things, but I can’t help but feel that they were for the wrong reasons. His political ambition is far greater than his desire for justice.

  2. So Blair has something to hide in relation to the awarding of contracts? It is entirely possible therefore that he bullied Ghaffur, and that he knew more than what he says in relation to De Menezes.

  3. The MPA auditors have been investigating the contracts for a while. To be honest, I wouldn’t put anything past him. He went on record denying knowledge of the De Menezes affair and then had to correct himself. As for Ghaffur (and maybe Dizaei as well, for all I know), perhaps he felt that as he had promoted them they were ‘his’ men and should do as they’re told and be grateful.

    For me, one of the most shameful things he did was to promote incompetent people on the basis of their ethnicity. That’s what I meant when I referred to doing the right things for the wrong reason. Yes, ensure real equality of opportunity; encourage diversity and remove barriers to advancement – but he did what he did to amass political capital for his own ends, not to remove barriers, which was a fortunate by-product. Promotion without merit is patronising to others and does nothing to enhance standards.

  4. Very well said, Ginger. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  5. As I’ve said before, the Labour Govt are not going to like the idea of John Yates taking the post after the ‘cash for peerages’ enquiry.
    All I know of him is what I have seen on the TV, but he seems very conscientious and straight forward and he might be a good choice. Another rumour is that Bill Bratton, the American Police Chief who cleaned up Boston and New York might get an advisory role here.

  6. Noted…I think Blueknight the American link says alot.

  7. As Dizaei and Ghaffur’s complaints were against Ian Blair, now that he has gone, I assume they will do the honourable thing and withdraw their complaints – or are they just in it for the money (and advancement)?

  8. I know it’s off at a tangent, but I really don’t want to see Bill Bratton over here. Stories of how he cleaned up the city are legendary, but there are 2 real issues, IMHO: firstly, do we want that kind of policing? It was (and perhaps still is) harsh, overbearing, not done by consent, stunningly expensive and, to be honest, more akin to an army of occupation than a service. Secondly, one of the ways he did it was to have a police force (and I use the word deliberately) of 40,000, who were hired and fired on a regular basis. Standards fell dramatically. Police officers here aren’t city employees who can be got rid of at will, but holders of an office. The introduction of PCSOs should show us how successful such a project is likely to be.

    Stop looking across the pond for solutions.

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