Norman Bettison – Who?

October 4, 2008

Norman Bettison has ruled himself out of the Commissioner’s job citing a fear of political interference. Remind me, what class is Bettison in? I’d hazard a guess that he is probably middle class, and this class have no real desire to be involved in politics. Absolute tripe.

He has ruled himself out because of interference and the role would not allow his staff to monitor his wikipedia entry. Seriously, it’s a good job for the rank and file that Bettison is out. He knows he is safe up there in Yorkshire.

And Fuller, well he thinks it is inappropriate to to comment on the rumours. if you are up for it then have the courage to say so, otherwise stand in line, with your political masters. For me, I would say that Fuller’s lack of comment makes me now question his culpability to look after number 1, but that’s a personal view.



  1. How long will the gap be between Blair’s resignation and him being elevated to the Lords and given a job in the Home Office (Minister for Image Enhancement and Office Renovation, perhaps)?

  2. Twining..WTF are the Met BPA doing? Is this a kamikaze move or have I missed some subtle politics?

  3. Sorry Twining, I don’t get your last sentence.

    Anyhow, MBPA withdrawing goodwill, AFTER Blair’s resignation is an interesting one, especially given comments chez gadget, notably Alfred & ranter. But then again, I didn’t get your wig comment there, either. Must be in thicko mode to-day.

  4. Sorry mean to ask, how’s mum?

  5. J mum is OK, we had a torrid time the other night, I was shattered, she simply would not let me go home, I had to leave at midnight. It’s age, and illness.

    My last sentence above is really that Fuller has kept his mouth shut over race issues consistently. He will look after himself first, don’t be surprised if he is a candidate, but anyone without courage to speak out is not right in my opinion, for that post.

    So for me, it would be the wrong thing to put him there. we need a White colleague that has guts, and courage in that post. There is no Black colleague, other than Ghaffur perhaps, but he is now showered in controversy.

    NJ – we have been here before, pulling out of recruiting, for what it’s worth, I think this move is not the right move, I will add what move I think might be the right move and why in a post.

  6. The wig thing, yes, they were describing Boris as an idiot. We often see people in wigs as idiots I think and we laugh at them. He is definately no idiot. This man is dangerous, and his record on race is not so good either. So what is his political agenda?

  7. I agree that Boris is potentially very dangerous, but for this reason: he has spent his career making gaffes and acting like a buffoon, so if he does something stupid now, people will smile knowingly and say “oh, that old Boris, he slays me – he’s always been like that”. As a result, there is a real danger that he will not be held to account.

    Furthermore, he is by no means a buffoon, but is a very bright, astute and ambitious man. Underestimate him at your peril.

  8. I’d just like to offer my own view on the person specification for the next Commissioner. Obviously, it’s not exhaustive, but will need to include the following:

    Gender – don’t care
    Colour – don’t care
    Ethnicity – don’t care
    Age – don’t care
    Religion – don’t care
    Sexual preferences – don’t care (provided they’re legal)
    Socio-economic class – don’t care
    Politics – don’t care but keep your views to yourself and don’t let them influence your work
    Abilities/Successes – proven to be on own merit by leading others, not shirt-tailing them
    Ability to see the above characteristics in others as similarly immaterial to recruitment, selection, training, promotion etc of those within the service who merit such advancement, and equally immaterial to the service provided to the public, together with the ability and will to stand up and be counted – plenty
    Experience – yes, the usual chief officer requirements, with time spent in other forces at the highest levels and with a proven successful track record in crime prevention and detection, leadership and caring for his staff and the public before targets
    Courage in the face of political interference – proven track record, please
    Ability to listen to and reason with staff associations and staff and to act where appropriate – lots
    Courage to overrule them and do what is right – lots and lots
    Abilities/Successes – proven to be on own merit by leading others, not shirt-tailing them

    Bleeding hearts/politically ambitious/dinosaurs/chattering classes/apologists need not apply.

    I know I’ve left stuff out, and I know it’s tongue in cheek (but not much) but honestly – if people generally agree with the above, why on earth is anyone talking about the new Commissioner in terms of age, race, politics etc – surely we want the most competent person for the job?

  9. Unless I’m confusing Fuller with some other high ranking bod, after all you do all look the same 😦 tonight’s Panorama belies your point.

  10. Ginger – you have just reason the person specification for the Commissioner. It would take HR years to do what you have done in minutes.

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