Nowhere else to go.

October 6, 2008

I have to say what I feel. Nightjack has asked the question, WTF is happening with the Met BPA? The truth is all I know is that recruiting has been boycotted. Some will say that this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but I don’t think so.

Others will say that the Met BPA have sensed a weakness in Blair going and this is the result. I would disagree. It is a painful process to stand up at recruiting events and say everything is hunky dory when it isn’t, when all you are dealing with is rubbish, complaints of alleged racism, etc. When you see this day in day out, where organisation’s are challenged and some bright spark from HR and a Force’s lawyer then begins to hammer the “victim” in a stressful way, then you begin to realise that perhaps enough is enough. I totally understand what the Met BPA have done. I may not agree with it.

However, in my opinion, it will have no direct impact on recruiting because demand for the job is high. Anyone wanting to be a police officer will join. It will, however, impact on community confidence in the Met and for this reason, I would rather this had not occurred. Still this is a bad day for us all.

In my police career I have to say that the Lawrence murder was a shock, today Mrs De Menezes heard Cressida Dick; her evidence, I am afraid is hardly credible. Dick is part of the Blair regime and should go. So it’s really a bad day for us all, whomever we are, whatever colour we are.

On a side issue I don’t think Forces take genuine BPA officials seriously at all; they would rather promote some incompetents, who then make mistakes, and then everyone is tarred with the same brush. It just gives people an excuse to have a go at the BPA…..Forces have recruiting Officer’s, what do I want to do standing there telling people what I may think….It’s just another job, I have plenty enough to do in my day job. What would have been more powerful is a march but the timing for that is not right. All this could end up smack in the face of a Bobby trying to work a minority ethnic area. That’s the danger; the sooner people realise this the better.



  1. Could it be that the Met BPA is doing what the union barons have been doing for years – in the guise of looking after the interests of their members they are flexing their muscles and saying “If you don’t do what we want, then we’ll bring you down.” I would have more respect for the Met BPA if, en masse, they showed their belief in their leaders statements by tendering their resignations or applied to transfer to another Force. Whether they will or not will show just how much they believe in the political or racist crucifixions of Dizaei and Ghaffur. To my mind, their never was any requirement for Black, Female or Gay associations as behaviour was monitored by the old fashioned methods of manners and courtesy, tempered by the Police discipline code. No amount of formal and official corralling will make anyone think in a different manner. All it will do is make them act or say things which fit in with the approved agenda. It is true that their always was, and always will be, ill mannered, ignorant, boorish, bigots who CAN see different view points through education and leadership rather than being segragated by the forming of associations they are not allowed to join or being forced to toe the party line. Not every white person is a racist just like every black, gay or female is another version of Nelson Mandela, Pope Pious or Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

  2. Twining
    I have to stand by my comments in Night Jacks post.The timing of the announcement of this ‘Boycott’ is just a bit too coordinated with events.I am sure that it would not be your way of doing things.

  3. To be honest, I’m not sure how seriously any of the staff associations are taken anyway – except ACPO, who always seem to get things done their way. Funny, that.

    I find it interesting that I know several community workers in London (both black and white) who are committed to helping the community engage with the police. They are of the view that the BPA action is unhelpful in respect of community engagement, but that they will continue doing what they are doing to engender harmony.

    The more I look at the BPA stance, the less I understand it. Maybe it’s because I am white and haven’t had to endure real racism (yes, a few stupid comments when I was in the Job, but just idiots mouthing off). I think I understand the problem. I understand the grievance, the sense of injustice. I just don’t understand the action. Is it really a solution? Change doesn’t come from isolation, but by engagement.

    I have read elsewhere that the Mayor’s enquiry into racism allegations is the payment of danegeld. I disagree. However, if the powers that be simply give the BPA what they want, it could amount to such a payment and, what is far, far worse, a perception of such. If the BPA have any better way of fuelling racism within and without the police than what they are doing, I don’t know it. The BNP couldn’t do a better job.

    Please think. Engage. Talk. Improve and enhance the situation.

  4. Twining, did you happen to watch Panorama last night? The stats given were a bit concerning.

  5. Are you not worried that if the BPA and their sympathisers are allowed to carry on in their uncivilised ways it will lead to these sort of troubles:


    They would be better employed sorting out problems back home or does the link show they can’t even behave amongst themselves.

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