She has lost the plot

October 20, 2008


Perhaps someone might care to suggest to Cressida Dick how on earth Hussain Osman actually looks like Mr De Menezes.  She states, “He was extremely unfortunate to live in the same block as Hussain Osman. He was desperately unfortunate to look like Hussain Osman.”  But they have a different complexion, they have different hair texture. The facial features are different, Osman has a long face, De Menezes a round face. The ears are different. Unbelievable…If this Senior Officer had any credibility she could resign now. Even the nose is different.



  1. We all look the same… didn’t you know that??

  2. You mean you look like me?

  3. Well, as a white person, I have to say they look completely different to me.

    I’d also say that, if they thought he was a a bomber why on earth was he first let on a bus, and then into a train station?

  4. Is it true that the media department of the NBPA is telling black people not to join the BBC following the shocking news that the only two black contestants on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ were chosen for the dance off?

  5. She said that Menezes lived in a block where Osman HAD lived. There is no proof that two ever lived there at the same time. The only evidence linking Osman to Scotia road was his gym registration. Maybe he lived there at some time, maybe he didn’t, there is no clear evidence either way.

    At Osman’s trial his home address was given as Blair House, Stockwell.

    All police surveillance photos show Osman bearded. The photo of the clean-shaven Osman was taken after his arrest in Rome. The photo of Menezes used for comparison was four years out of date.

  6. SK above – I would not trust the credibility of anything this Commander says in relation to this case.

    Plodnomore – I don’t think the above is true.

    Gaijin – I wonder how this Commander will convince the rest of the World about her ability to lead.

    Blair has gone, now Dick must go to.

  7. For me, the fact that the guy was allowed to get on a bus and enter a train station means that all the management involved from Blair down should have resigned the next day.

    As for any other nonsense that is now being spouted, it’s just shameful ass covering, let alone being convinced or leadership ability.

  8. sorry, that should be ‘of leadership ability’.

  9. Exactly Gaijin. Blair looked after this one.

  10. Twining,
    Reference my entry on 20 Oct and your reply on 21st – I asked the question partly in jest but was shocked to read in today’s paper that complaints have been made about racism in that the only two black contestants in Strictly Come Dancing had the lowest viewers figures causing one of them (the excellent actor Don Warrington who has achieved so much more than ‘Rising Damp’ and the Kenko adverts) to have to leave the show. You haven’t been talking to anyone have you?

  11. Well, er!

  12. nice blog

  13. Yeah. I just hope you don’t have a pot belly.

  14. Miss, you haven’t got a belly!

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