And the knives are out against Sergeant Twining – Again?

October 29, 2008

This should be a celebration time for some of us. Anyone any ideas what the following addres might mean? nnk@kkk.co.uk I have my own ideas. Some unusual people visit here. I JUST LOVE THE PICTURE THAT I FOUND ON LORENZO’S SITE. IT’S THE BORDER GUARD IN KASHMIR. Anyway, of course we all have personal lives and difficulties, I have two elderly parents who are very ill at the moment, and you would at least expect some support from those who allegedly are “pushing” for the same cause. Wrong – just one day before Diwali I receive a call from a PC who is a part of the BPA executive.

She stated she had been visited by an ex BPA big wig. Understandably due to two elderly parents being ill I have rather prioritised my work, but that is not enough for the ex big wig. He somehow feels we are not delivering, we could be better, blah. blah, blah, and somehow clearly this must be my fault. The female PC said to me, “he came to see me, do you know what he said?

My response was very much like, “he thinks we could be better, that we are not doing enough, and I said we could be better, but I have only two people currently assisting me, both you and I have daytime jobs, we have had several positive interventions whilst I have been here, so I don’t understand his logic PC Female officer. What do you think?”

I was aware, and the Federation told me this, that this big wig had been to have TEA with a senior officer in my absence, whilst I was caring for my parents. Some weeks have gone by and he has not bothered to officially inform the BPA the purpose of his visit to said senior officer; arguably to discuss the current plight of the BPA. But if he opened his eyes he would say that nationally most BPA’s are struggling. No, but now he has the ear of a senior officer, I guess he feels good. 

The female PC continued, “he suggested that I should take over the position you hold, and that the said senior officer would support me taking the position.” Hmm I thought the said senior officer has got absolutely nothing to do with the function of the BPA, he isn’t a member, so why all this political interference. Am I ruffling feathers? In fact who is interfering? The senior officer, the ex BPA big wig? Black people who don’t have a clue then begin to undermine those that are trying. Now, let’s set the record straight here.

(1) I have a reasonable history in the BPA.

(2) Within my powers I raised the issue of a CPS blundering over prosecuting a case involving the racial abuse of a Rastafarian. I was involved, not the big wig. he had decided to go off and pursue his career.

(3) Let’s see what else I think we have achieved or what I have had to put up with. There was a series of rubbish incidents when the Force met with Muslim Officer’s with a push towards setting up the MPA. of course one can’t be Muslim and Black. They conveniently ignored the BPA.

(4) I won’t sign a memorandum of understanding which does not acknowledge the work we do in relation support. Seriously with two people, how on earth can we attend all Force meetings, our meetings, national meetings, and run  a BPA. Oh, I forgot the broom.

(5) Oh, and I was asked by this same big wig, that if I was to attend a meeting with two senior officer’s and one senior officer he named was present we should pull out of the meeting. OK, now I might have differences with the named senior officer, but why pull out? More interference. But then, on the other hand the Force appears ready to do business with this type of person.

(6) I also raised the matter of no training for alleged specialist Hate Crime Officer’s. And am still awaiting a reply. The feeling on the inside is someone like me talks too much. And with this latest intervention by a ex BPA big wig, this creates the perception that the Force will go to all extremes.

(7) The big wig then asked me what are we doing about the sequel to the Secret Policeman documentary. I advised what really should I do? 

So in summary, the knives are out, I have done little wrong, I have tried to balance a BPA that is reasonable, and have been involved in some key matters, but the knives our out chaps. I have had more support from people here then I have had from some others. I have been advised that I should confront this ex big wig and ask him what the F— is he playing at? I think I will just speak to my Federation. Oh the hypocrisy of it all. Thank god the female PC has some faith in me though, because if she hadn’t said then only the senior officer, the Federation, and ex big wig would would known what happened. Sadly at the moment I have two elderly parents to think about. Nightjack, NODDY, Miss, Robin, Lorenzo, PCSO Jo Bloggs, Gaijin, 200 weeks, where are you? TEA ANYONE?



  1. Twining – don’t panic, don’t overreact. It’s easy to become paranoid in such circumstances, but there could be all sorts of reasons for intervention – doing favours, feathering his own nest, an easy life and so on.

    Stay focused and on track, keep on keeping on. If you overreact you simply give ammunition to your detractors and lose sight of your objectives. Focus on your aims and objectives regarding your colleagues. No-one likes such interventions and I’ll bet you have more support than you realise, whether in the BPA or otherwise.

    My only negative observation on this thread is your point 3: the BPA may have been ignored, but is it possible that the MPA wanted to keep separate from what is fast becoming a sidelined, radical organisation? If so, the BPA executive should take a long hard look at itself and decide its raison d’etre – is it for power for itself, or for the welfare of its members?

  2. Do you ever feel the temptation to do proper Police Work?

  3. Readers might note that the troll above is;


    Ginger – noted. I am still thinking this one through. I think the safest thing to do is not react and note this one down.

  4. Concentrate on what really matters to you!

  5. That’s a picture of Sergeant Twining and his Proof Reader checking his next blog post on the sole of his shoe.

  6. ……..and maybe THEN get on with some Police Work?

    Like you’re being paid to do?

  7. When something in life is so important it requires the help of others, then often groups are formed to tackle problems but this leads to group thought. Sometimes you need to take a step back and re-assess your own views, getting fresh un-bias opinion from outside can often put things into perspective.

    You need to continually question, if what you believe is actually right, you are free to continually change your views as you gain more facts.

    The more people are willing to learn and compromise then the easier it is to come to agreements. Those with fixed rigid views hold back progress.

  8. But how about doing proper police-work??????????

  9. ARE you a real copper?

    Be ashamed.

    You are a disgrace to the uniform.


  11. 1st post, but certainly not the first time I have perused this very interesting and enjoyable blog. Don’t worry about the trolls – they all turn to stone when the sun comes up.

    And the big wigs all leave when it turns 4pm. I wouldn’t worry about them either.

  12. PC Pinkstone, thank you, that is a breath of fresh air. This is just an example of why the NBPA cannot sustain itself. From outside there are influences which lead some people to pursue thier own goals thereby undermining the reason why we were set up in the first place. From the inside some of us are left with the thought, who can we trust? These influences are often from managers and others who through political dialogue interfere. And come 4pm they are all gone. By the way you are welcome for tea anytime and Luton is a fine place.

  13. is there a WPA?

  14. if the knives are out, chances are you’re annoying the right people mate.

    Enjoy your moment of infamy…

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