Sergeant Twining’s forthcoming raid

November 3, 2008

is centred around Spain. In Britain I think we would have arrested these bright sparks, but not in Spain. How far would some of these people actually go? Well they wanted to ruin Hamilton’s route to the world championship. They wanted him to have punctures! What voodoo is this? Honestly. Over there they are free to practice this type of hatred. Here at least they’d have been nicked. We have somethings to be greatful for.



  1. Twining,

    These people are sad, confused, mixed-up individuals who are exhibiting their bigotry, hatred and ignorance. They feel powerless in their small circles and feel envious of someone who is attempting to make a real difference in their own lives – and the person trying to make a difference is black! – how dare he?!

    I am no great fan of sports but my attention has been turned to Anthony Hamilton. A man who throws the stereotype of all black men being neglectful of their children and families far out of the window. It is a truly brilliant story from that angle.

    Hopefully humans will evolve more intelligently over time and these ignoramuses will die out – and soon.
    Thank you for posting the image – people may need a reminder of the stupidity and wastefulness of racism and envy.

    Regards, Zee

  2. You can say that again!

  3. This is nothing new in Spain. They do it a great deal in football and when a friend of mine who played for the Spanish national rugby side had the temerity to have a black girlfriend, they were given such a bad time that they came to live over here, where they are very happy and he plays in the Premiership.

  4. Sorry – the post at 3 is mine and I didn’t mean to be anonymous – I’m just useless with IT.

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