Obama will unite Americans and the world

November 5, 2008

The 4th November 2008 is a mammoth day in world history. Black voters turned up in numbers to vote and today, even though he is still not in the hot seat, Obama arguably is the most powerful man in the world. Experienced Television presenters cried as Obama spoke about unity and being a President for all.

He warned terrorists and quite rightly so. The people all over the world were woo’d by this great orator. Good luck to Barack Obama from the humble Twining Chronicles and Sergeant Twining. Even I shed a tear. 




  1. Apologies if this appears twice – the bubbles have done their work

    Although not quite appropriate have been humming OH Happy Day since 4am, though that might have something to do with the champagne breakfast. Only the cheap stuff though, the Baron de Rothschild will wait until we’re no longer talking about someone’s colour at all.

  2. You’ll wait a long time here!

  3. lol

  4. He’s an oaf and a yes man. His only talent is being able to get the job – certainly he will clueless in actually being able to do it.

    The people behind him pulling his strings love gullible morons like you, officer Twining

  5. I havn’t made my mind up about the man yet.

    The only certain thing in my mind, is that there is no possible chance that he could be a worse walking disaster than the present White-House inhabitant!

  6. I couldn’t give a d*mn about what colour the man is. (Besides, he’s half-caste, just as white as he is black – not that it matters)

    I only worry about if he can do the job. I don’t think he can.

    I live in the hope that I’ll be proven wrong…

  7. I don’t know whether or not he will be a good president. I hope he is. I don’t know whether he will defuse racial problems. I hope he does. I don’t know if he can sort out the economy. I hope he can.

    I do know that he isn’t the president of the world and we should stop treating him as such; stop assuming all will be well because a black guy has made it to the White House.

    I keep seeing people interviewed on tv saying it proves anyone can make it. Well, sure you can – so long as you are very bright, get a good education, get the breaks, have real charisma and enough money to achieve your ends. The idea that anyone can be anything they want in the US is patent nonsense. I’m not saying it’s any better here, because it isn’t, but the grass ain’t greener, I’m afraid.

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