Alas why am I not on Planet Police?

November 18, 2008

For some reason I appear to have been somehow kicked off of Planet Police. Alas I have been asked why, “Twining, Twining, Sergeant Twining, where for art thou?” My reply, “In the doldrums.” Anyway enough of that. I am writing this post in the hope that the authors of Planet Police re enact my feed to them. Please, Planet Police.



  1. I’d wondered where you’d gone. 🙂

  2. Gaijin,

    They listened. I am back on.


  3. I think there are gremlins afoot! I’m actively updating PlanetPolice to give it a lick of paint. Initial trial version http://new.planetpolice.org

    More changes are in the pipeline… and if you have any suggestions please pass them along.

  4. Hmm, I wonder who “they” are because I’ve never been on Planet Police, so cannot be kicked off it. Glad you’re back on though!

    Mine’s green tea with jasmine please.

  5. So no petition then. Damn, I like a good petition…

  6. Hi Sarge

    This post might cheer you up:


    Do you know any “seagulls” in your force – can you suggest any more sub-types of police we can add to out typology?


  7. Cool, I know many seagulls.

    PC Jo Bloggs, hmmm, You are a fiesty one.

    Planet Police, am glad you found me again, the gremlins, are they green?

    PC Pinkstone – I am now going to make it my mission to get you on there.

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