Why is PC Pinkstone not on Planet Police?

November 21, 2008

Shakespearian I may not be, but I do rather recognise a Shakespeare type character when I see their work. Let me introduce you to this chappie. PC Pinkstone is his name; he is the original Blue Uniformed Shakespeare, the  author of two books, he can be funny, yet serious about the issues affecting modern day British policing. Check out his website, it’s on my links page. Sergeant Twining rates him 9. Anyway I have now made it my mission to try and get planet police to put PC Pinkstone of the famed Victoria Garden onto Planet Police. Planet Police what say thee? I said, “thee,” not “ghee.”



  1. Added 🙂

  2. Twining, your mission is complete. Thanks!

    Doesn’t mean you can retire early though …

  3. Sent you an email Twining.

  4. Jo, I have responded!

    PC Pinkstone I now need another mission bro…..

  5. I have been reading PC Pinkstone’s blog and I agree, he is a great writer.

    Straight to the point and yes, his sense of humour is great.

  6. A bit like me!

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