Mumbai is brought to it’s knees by Islamic Terrorists – Wednesday 26th November 2008

November 27, 2008







I have never seen such targeted massacres in my lifetime. Literally these terrorists have brought Mumbai and India on it’s knees. In this case it wasn’t about the use of suicide bombers; these terrorists have run afree with firearms searching for those with British or US passports.

They have targeted tourist populated locations and murdered a minimum of 78 people. Here are a few moving images I have found. One day Britain’s Forces may work side by side with Indian Forces in India to tackle these type of murderers. Spare a thought for all those that have lost there lives here. In our line of work The Twining Chronicles notes that at least three Senior Police Officer’s lost their lives in this massacre. RIP Sir’s. RIP.



  1. I forgot to add, because I have criticised these terrorists ,to some that will make me allegedly anti Islamic. Let me make myself clear, I am not anti Islamic. However, I am, however, pretty much against these terrorists and these offenders purport to come from Islam.

    So a fact is, these offenders are Islamic. I am not against Islam, I am merely against these offenders. I guess these offenders wouldn’t know what integration means.

  2. It’s your blog, so obviously you have my permission, how condescending, to express your thoughts as you see fit, BUT neither Mumbai nor India will be brought to their knees by this atrocity – shock, yes and unfortunately I foresee revenge being taken against ordinary muslims, chanelling partition – BUT both will soon, very soon, be back to business as usual, albeit with higher security, as was London 7/7 and New York 9/11. It is the only possible response.

    To quote Granddad “Sod the bloody Luftwaffe, I’ve got work to do”. As security gets tighter, softer targets have to be found by those who erroneously believe that Terror works. Oh and PS The Last King of Scotland isn’t far off being in our lifetime.

  3. J – sorry – Have you missed the point I was making? Looking at the map which highlights how diferent parts of Mumbai were taken Mumbai was brought down. It won’t be business as usual because security will be increased. 100+ people murdered in cold blood. And yes, any revenge attacks will require monitoring and preventing specifically on the Kashmiri border. That’s where it could now flare up. Good point. I wonder what precautions the Indian Government is taking there and in other Muslim communities in India.

  4. Twining – I may have missed your point, but not mine. Yes the attacks have been awful beyond any words that won’t come out trite, and have been widespread in Mumbai. However the city cannot and will not remain at a standstill for very long – sheer economic necessity will prevail. My main ‘gripe’, if you can call it that, other than the tears that have been flowing for the last 48 hours, is that by stating that the terrorists have succeeded in bringing x place TO ITS KNEES, be that Bali, New York, London, Madrid or Mumbai, it is ‘giving succour to the enemy’, which 60 odd years ago was a treasonable offence. It doesn’t matter how many innocent people the lunatics blow up or maim, they aren’t going to win.
    The byproduct will be that more and more places will toughen up security measures, a) leaving only very soft targets but b) even in the UK & US it has led to a curtailment of civil liberties, less democratic countries (please note NOT citing India as such) will be even more draconian. To my mind that makes our politicians equally as guilty of providing succour.

  5. PS You know my age, but I grew up in Brum, and my Dad worked for the breweries – going to funerals etched in memory. Agreed, very small beer in comparison. I’m also wondering how my kids feel if they noticed the armed police around the schoolyard this morning.

  6. J – If you knew me you would know I would not give such racist bigots the time of day, but for that moment in time they have brought Mumbai and the world to stand still.

  7. I hope you know me well enough by now to know that neither do I, we’re in complete areement, bar semantics.

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