November 28, 2008


It was my rest day today, and it didn’t start off well really. I had some bad personal news, and most of my readers and friends will know that my parents have not been well, but are both OK for the time being. The bad news didn’t relate to them; but there was other bad news.

I turned the TV on today and watched Sky and BBC news. The scenes at Nariman House, a building that I believe was home to a rabbi his wife and others, was finally stormed by the Indian Special Forces this afternoon. All I know is that 5 bodies have been found in that building.

Yesterday I had read that Israel has sent some support to India, as has the UK. Scotland Yard Officer’s should already be in Mumbai. If I was a boss there I would take any expertise I can find that the UK police and intelligence services offer; I think the SAS had been dispatched on Thursday morning.

What will come out of this maybe is that Mumbai’s coastguard and intelligence may be found wanting. It is believed that some of the gunmen were brought across on a fishing trawler and then made there way to land via a speedboat. Could this have happened in Europe? I think not. There is no easy way to smuggle guns into a capital with the ease that this lot managed to. It’s too early to say though.

Have the terrorists succeeded in their aim? It saddens me to say this, but yes they have, which is why it is realy important to deal with the root causes of terrorism. In this country we are going to have to tackle faith education, a lack of integration and various other social matters. The picture above is well, just so so sad. Here endeth a report from Sergeant Twining of the Twining Chronicles. Mumbai looked frozen today. I don’t think I am going to forget the name, Nariman House. IF YOU WANT TO SEE SOME MOVING IMAGES I SUGGEST YOU HAVE A LOOK HERE:




  1. Was going to add that some Hereford cattle had been moved in our previous thread but thought it a little indiscreet for the blogosphere. As guns are just as easy, if not easier to smuggle than drugs I’m not so sure how lockdown in any port city could be achieved.

    Anyway, hope the personal stuff isn’t too icky. It’s nice to meet a fella that admits to thinking about such things – to paraphrase JK, The Grouch has the emotional range of a teaspoon.


  2. Were any of the terrorists British? Quite possibly, I just heard on the news that two terrorists that have been arrested were ‘British born’. But were they just ‘footsoldiers’ or more deeply involved?

  3. Hey Metcounty!!

    There’s some good news and some bad news.

    The good news is that they’ve now found Paddick’s wallet after he lost it in the jungle…

    ….bad news, it has your picture in it.

  4. I notice that Indian muslims don’t want the gunmen to be buried in muslim graves anywhere in India:


  5. Gaijin that;s interesting. Just goes to show race can operate against one’s own faith. I think in order to preserve sanctity and justice these people should be buried in India. They haven’t won; actually they have lost.

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