Should the Mumbai terrorists be buried in India?

December 5, 2008

One of my readers has commented that Indian Muslims do not want these terrorists buried in India. Hmm, this made me think, what is the best thing to do in this case? If these terrorists are repatriated then it could be argued that they have won. If they are buried in India then that secures evidence, but they would probably have to be buried at a secret location to avoid the risk of someone digging up the graves.

Me, I rather think they should be buried in India where they have caused all the destruction. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; they can be a part of the growth of the land they terrorised. As for the remaining terrorist, he should be imprisoned in India. He should not be beaten or tortured. And as for the families of these terrorists, they might need to look within now and ask what on earth caused this.



  1. I think the gist of it is that they don’t want them buried in a muslim graveyard – as by their actions, they are not seen as muslim (by Indian muslims).

    They could be buried elsewhere, but the Indian authorities will be mindful of creating shrines to them, or having people dig them up, as you suggest.

    Personally I would be for the Israeli approach akin to Adolf Eichmann, scattering of ashes at sea in international waters. But cremation is forbidden… but if they’re not muslims… Although it wouldn’t be fair to upset other muslims who may still see them as muslims.

    It does leave the Indian authorities in a bit of a pickle.

  2. interesting,

    All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques:

    “We are deeply aggrieved by the loss of human lives and especially by the brutal killing of Jews,”


  3. I dont suppose they could be buried on some ………….. somewhere?

  4. No offence Oi, I have had to edit the last comment. We are better than terrorists and we have to rise above their hatred. Thier bigots, that’s all they are. Bigots can be ignorant or they can be taught? Terrorists are often taught. The question is, who teaches them? How? Why? Where?

  5. None taken Twining. Your blog, your rules.
    It was, however. a ploy used by British troops in Malaysia. It worked well as a deterrant, I understand.

  6. The Government could ‘dispose’ of the remains, claim it was done in accordance with the religion(s) of the terrorists but have been interred in an undisclosed location. Who would know otherwise? Thus the Indian Government will be seen as humane yet not promoting any plans for martyrdom. Or am I not seeing something I should?

  7. Plodnomore, your guess is good as mine. I think yours is the most plausible answer.

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