The closing date for the Commissioner post has been extended to April 1st 2009

December 6, 2008

At the Twining Chronicles we thought we would develop our own dream team to head up the flagship Force and here’s how it pans out. We have two Deputy Assistant Commissioners, Gadget will head up Operational Policing, and PC Bloggs will head up crime. They already make a good team. And I’ll even throw in a kennel for Gadget’s Alsatian. In charge of anti terrorism we thought we might ask Copperfield to return, but seeing as he has a big locker all of his own we doubt that he would listen, so we have gone for the other PC Bloggs, (Jo). She is being fast tracked. That might just confuse Boris Johnson.

The number 2 in  command will be TUPC. That just leaves the number one spot, and that goes to the man himself; Nightjack. Whoops I forgot me, well I just thought I would create a post for me; a little niche somewhere; perhaps I can take up a Commander position in Wembley.  This is Twining’s dream team to head the Met. Working alongside me as a Commander will be ASNT. Whichendbites would have overall command of mutts and Bent society will take command of ethics.

Oi, a retired police oracle, is coming out of retirement to assist Jo Bloggs in anti terrorism. If this dream team goes ahead, I will have you know, I want a 3 series BMW M3 with blue lights and a siren. I want my own budget also. For the troops we will revise all uniforms; you will get black shirts and baseball caps for a start. And everyone will get a free copy of Gadget’s book.



  1. And you could all call yourselves the Keystone Kops.

    You bunch of losers.

  2. Jac, which bit didn’t you like? The baseball caps?

  3. Twining, I was going to make a joke about calling yourselves ‘New Tricks’

    Age and all that!!!


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