Pakistan deflects or do I mean Pakistan reflects?

December 7, 2008

At the Twining Chronicles, where you will hear some of the news first, we were amazed to hear yesterday that the Pakistan High Commission in Britain had inferred that there was good information that India were going to retaliate militaristically for the Mumbai atrocities.  Oh come on. This is typical politics. Both the US and India have good intelligence that these terrorists were in some way linked to militants in Pakistan. And it is unlikely that India would have declared all out war on Pakistan over this matter and it is about time Pakistan did some more where terrorism exists on it’s doorstep.  If Pakistan wants to co-operate it should do so, but not with Nu labour spin, please….Now, before I am criticised of being Anti Islamic, we’ve been there and done that before, the High Commission needs to reflect a little more. Here are some facts. (1) The Mumbai terrorists were Islamic, (2) they were seeking out Westerners, (3) they had power, and (4) they exercised that power lethally.


  1. Not all Muslims in Mumbai were terrorists but all of the terrorists in Mumbai were Muslims. As they did not have the, (overt), authority of the Pakistan Government to carry out the attacks then any form of active, military, response would be difficult, (you only have to look at the consequences of the Bush/Blair fiasco).

    One suggestion may be for the Indian and Pakistan Governments to liaise over the difficulties of dealing with terrorism and India offer a set period of time to sort the Pakistani house out after which an approach will be madeto the UN for a multi-national force to deal with the problem. On local terms how often have Police Officers or local authority officials dealt with anti-social behaviour by giving the offenders the opportunity of sorting it out themselves and then, if they fail to do so, do it for them, (a very simplified example I know but I’m sure you see what I’m talking about). Conversation should always be tried before confrontation rather than the other way around.

  2. Plodnomore this makes sense, what you say makes sense.

  3. It would indeed be nice if diplomatic communication would solve the problems, and I have no doubt that it would go a long way if tried.
    Unfortunately it seems as if most countries – and indeed the so called terrorist organisations, are run by small minded persons who let their egos and desires get in the way of rationality.

    The League of Nations, followed by the United Nations was an attempt to overcome this, but it is run by the very same small minded people that run the member countries, and once again the egos and small-minded mentalities get in the way. Worse, the UN currently is suffering from the recent past stewardship of 3rd world incompetents.

    Really, the UN is a joke, its enforcement wing hamstrung with unworkable rules of engagement, and can generally safely be ignored. You ask me for an answer? I dont have one. At least not one that would seem to be acceptable. Henry Ford came up with the best answer yet – “give me a gun and 6 bullets and I will end this war.” Probably need a few more bullets now, there are a lot more so-called “leaders”………………

  4. I wonder if perhaps things between India and Pakistan might be a little easier if several areas were to be addressed. In no particular order: both countries stop posturing and actually sit down to thrash out their differences – combat by media is a waste of time in the long run. Next, the US stop publicly forcing Pakistan into a corner about border incursions by terrorists from Pakistan into Afghanistan. Pakistan must do an awful lot more, but the US isn’t helping, given that status/image is very important to Pakistan (chicken and egg, really). Finally, for goodness’ sake get to grips with Kashmir – get a negotiator in or whatever, but talk.

    It seems to me that the problems are basically quite simple – the partition in 1947(?) to form Pakistan meant that a country split. It stands to reason that both sides would be unhappy with something – but they chose to do it, so they must live with it. The partition was born in violence and blood, and now no-one wants to look as if they are backing down. Grow up. Learn the lessons from Cyprus and Northern Ireland, rather than follow the Israel/Palestine route. It is for politicians to stand up and be counted, rather than follow a corrupt or populist course. And there, I fear, lies the root cause of this problem.

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  7. At the risk of starting a flame war, I have a couple of points to give Oi pause for thought, though on the whole am in agreement with him – not many people, including among our leaders put the interest of society above their personal gain- and this follows on to putting national interest above the world’s. I hope “3rd world incompetents” is a syntax error, as the two don’t go together. Kofi Annan was excellent. Also I’m very fussy about putting things into context- Stalin and Hitler have both said things with which I could agree, but I would never cite them as they were odious jumped-up mass-murdering creeps. I’d have similar reservations about quoting from Henry Ford who was extremely anti-semitic. Begs a whole new post on what’s with short men? 😉

  8. J – we are here to learn so you do raise valid points also.

  9. Ah yes – Kofi Annan. Why does the term “Oil for Fraud” coined a few years back, come to mind?

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