What is happening in the Met?

December 23, 2008

There are some important changes in the Metropolitan Police. Find out what is going on in the Met at The Twining Chronicles where we have exclusive access to a Corporate feed in NSY. (That actually means we have no direct contact in NSY but we do as others do; read). Here is the latest news:

(1) Commander Yates and Bob Quick were quick to apologise but there is a difference. Mr Yates had good reason; but as for Mr Quick, apologising to the Tories is like apologising to the Princess of Darkness. In a further press release the MPS have suggested that they are sorry for the manner in which the Tories have misinterpreted what has happened to them, but actually it has not happened to them, nothing untoward was said or done or even thought;  it was just wrongly interpreted. All credit though must  go to Mr Yates.

(2) The Commissioner candidates have been dwindled down. Julie Spence, Mick Fuller and the HMIC lead are out of the running for this vital role. Stephenson and some others are in. We plead to the Princess of Darkness to now allow in three further candidates like Mr Yates, our very own Nightjack and Station Sergeant and we ask that if consideration is not given to this request that the  appointment of Stephenson be duly made on April 1st 2009 because it might actually be a joke. We are certainly not saying the decision has already been made, are we? Surely that cannot be so, can it?



  1. Hey,

    The polls are open for the Best Police blogs….

    Please post to let your readers know so they can go and vote….


  2. Your post was interesting up to a point but with is it with you and the Tories? Being apolitical, I find that I’m on the outside looking in at the various Parties and they seem as bad as one another. Bob Quick acted in a way which, if it had been an officer yojnger in service, would have been kicked out so quickly, he’d have been in the Job Centre still polishing his Police boots. Quick was wrong from the start in almost evry aspect of his so called investigation and some may say that you can only blame Surrey Police for this as Bob was their Chief Constable before going to the Met as was his mate Ian Blair. Perhaps it’s something in the Home Counties rubbing off on them?

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