The Third World War is happening in front of us

January 4, 2009

I see that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza strip continues and I begin to realise AGAIN that terrorism cuts both ways. Israel has stepped up the offensive. The Palestinians have a right to their own state perhaps. But even if this State were given will the fighting end for good or is this another historic battle, the type we are seeing the World over where religions conflict? This is Islam V Christianity. Is this the third world war?

And in the Asian continent we have a similar potential conflict; similar in that there is conflict, but dis-similar in actual extent and offensive. India and Pakistan are in conflict over territory and terror is a part of this fight. Pakistan militants were involved I believe in the Mumbai massacre and Pakistan can no longer harbour terrorists or afford them training facilities. I saw the march in London; it’s a good job that didn’t get messy, but who is again in the front line again; the average PC and Skipper, that’s who.

Holding the peace as usual in something that is really a matter of religion.



  1. We either learn to coexist or die. I hope education, awareness, open minds, and dialog will lead to the former.

  2. To co exist we must understand our own prejudices first and then not treat others that are different to us badly.

  3. As tragic as the Middle East situation is, there should be one fact held in everyone’s mind. If Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists lay down their weapons, then hostilities would cease to exist. If the Israeli authorities lay down their weapons then the state of Israel would cease to exist. There are no winners in a situation like this, only losers, especially the old, the young and the innocent.

  4. Newsflash: the Israelis are Jewish. Not Christian, you ignorant twat.

  5. Who is behind the Israeli’s then ignamareous?

  6. That’ll be the Jews in congress/powerful positions in America….

    Note the fact that we dropped out of helping and supporting Israel a long time ago.

    I think even trying to suggest the Israel/Palestine conflict is “Christianity vs. Islam” is farcical. Usually your posts are a lot stronger and better thought-out than this.

  7. Paul, forgive me, these are my personal thoughts. In India we are fighting Islamic terrorists. In the Gaza the Israelis are fighting Islamic terrorists. In Afghanistan we are dealing with Islamic terrorists. Islam has a major part to play in this. The common denominator is Islamic terrorism.

    In India it is Hinduism V Islam, in other areas it is Christianity V Islam. I agree we dropped out of supporting Israel, but America has not. Paul, your review is not an unfair one.

  8. The key issue to why America (Jews in America aside) are so keen to support Israel isn’t directly down to ideology. Even fully-blown Christians like George W. wouldn’t care that much.

    Rather, more of the issue is the fact that many countries in the Middle-East are “anti-west”. This may be to do with the fact that many of these countries have Islamic (or predominantly Islamic) populaces.

    That is pretty much an aside though. Israel represent the only part of the Middle-East that has any real sympathy/empathy with the western nations. To lose Israel would be to lose a common touch with the whole region.

    They are a foot in the door of the area. They keep that door open for us to speak to the Middle-Eastern nations… and that foot wears a steel-toecapped boot for when some kicking needs to be done. Who else would fly bombers into Iraq and take out a Nuclear reactor belonging to Saddam Hussein? In this day and age, it’s not about what you can do (ie. technologically advanced and equipped nations like us and America), it’s about what you’re prepared to do. And people like the French (blowing up Greenpeace’s boat) and the Israeli’s (blowing up anything and anyone, given the provocation) will always come out on top.

    America obviously continues to recognize the value of retaining a strong Israel in a way we do not, else we’d continue to fund them and supply them with arms.

    I think, personally, it comes down more to a culture clash than an ideological or religious clash. You could end up proving me wrong in the long-term, but I just can’t see how the Christianity vs. Islam argument sticks in this example.

    And you’re right, I was not fair with my review, so I rescind my comments about the quality of your post. I shan’t change my mind or stop arguing my perspective however.

  9. Paul is right.

    And talk about irony! Learn to spell: “ignoramus” , eh?

    You do make yourself look kind of dumb.

    Laila Tov, Motek

  10. Why are many countiures in the Middle East anti West?

    Israel is a stronghold for the west in the Middle East. It is the only western country in the area.

    Is religion not a part of culture?

    Sorry about the spelling. On the whole I am not that bad at spelling.

    I think you were fair about the post.

    We all have views.

    A point I was trying to make is that religion and economics are at the heart of conflict and Islamic militancy might be in the process of reforming. That is a dangerous cocktail.

  11. Quote:
    “Is religion not a part of culture?”

    Agreed. Yes it is.

    But let’s be careful not to overestimate the importance of religion within culture. You have to remember that England is still widely considered (by the media, the public and the outside world) to be a Christian country. Yet the last national census suggested only 9% of the population of the UK were regular Churchgoers!

    This is a somewhat specious example, it is of course a history of centuries of Judeo-Christian influence on this country that has built up it’s culture, not to mention a million other things like Roman occupation and so on.

    But my point is, despite the old adage about religion being the cause of most of humanity’s conflict… could it not perhaps be the case here that religion is the scapegoat?

    Sometimes people want to simply explain the unexplainable. Boyfriends and girlfriends can be incompatible just the same way as nations, cultures, races and religions. But what it boils down to is a human urge to try and rationalise, understand and explain. Sometimes certain things are beyond our grasp.

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