January 9, 2009


Here at The Twining Chronicles a reliable source has advised us that Station Sergeant has been made aware of the award we awarded him recently. This is not a mock response. This is what Station Sergeant had to say to us.

“What can I say? You love me, you really love me. I’d like to thank my wife, children, dog, horse, the Editor of Police Review, Dave the cartoonist, the typesetter, ACPO for the source material, criminals everywhere, urban hillbillies, banjo-players, superintendents both earthbound and orbital, etc, etc. I’ve made space on my mantelpiece.”

Our response to this wonderful response was simply, “Oo-er, we’ll we promised it, so here it is, above, though we’re frightfully sorry that there is no actual physical award as such, it’s just an award, you know?

Please accept this award gracefully and do tell us more about the horse and the Superintendent hillbilly banjo players, both earthbound and orbital. Suffice it to say, the rank and file do love you, but in a non gay way of course.

In our very own way we would like to proposition you in the commissioning of your very own Eau De Toilette range called Station Sergeant. Long may you continue to write and support the rank.”


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