Prince Harry – is awarded a Twining Gong.

January 12, 2009


Dear Prince Harry-kins, here at the Twining Chronicles we would like to consider an award upon you; the award of a Twining Gong. Please accept this award graciously for your services to people. Not only have you donned a Nazi uniform in the past, but allegedly now whilst At Sandringham in 2005,  you are heard referring to a colleague as, “our Paki friend.” The Royal intellect in this case is mind boggling and has no bounds, but it is the attitude of a Royal biographer that is shocking. Can we offer her an award too? 

This biographer described Harry as lacking in intelligence, and suggests he should not have done this in front of the press or any recording device. Oh come on Miss, would you rather it be hidden? She also suggests that the name calling was used in an affectionate way. Some people, often thugs, who have Black friends, use this sort of  name calling in a nice way towards their Black friends, until alcohol and group pack culture come in. Then, that is where someone can be assaulted or murdered. The Royal Biographer needs to go back to school. 

Interestingly, not that his attitude has rubbed off onto some of his colleagues, or did their attitude rub off onto him? Another colleague mentioned the term “rag head.” Well we never, is what we thought here at The Chronicles, because we haven’t heard the term “rag head” since the 1970’s.  Now, in Goodness Gracious Me, there was an episode where Sanjeev Bhaskar suggested the Royal family was Indian because of the large extended family, living together, etc. If Harry is Asian then just whom does he think he is calling names?

I wonder what the Royal Press Office will say? Now, the armed services take these sort of allegations very seriously. Yep. Gees we thought because the man will now be given a fast weapon with guns. That’s one way to deal with this. Perhaps the man that was referred to needs to come out and tell us what he thinks. But what we really want to know is, how is Harry Asian?


  1. Hmmm…

    *extended family living together?
    *His girlfriend has to be from the ‘right sort of family’?
    *His family have a massive impact on what his life’s ambitions should be?
    *Everytime he does something normal for other people but ‘wrong’ for him the entire family has to get involved in his discipline?
    *Calling a friend ‘paki’ as a term of endearment (I’m pretty sure only other Asians are allowed to do that without causing upset)?

    Is Harry Asian? I think so!

  2. Chapati you are brilliant.

  3. Bearing in mind what happened to our colleagues in the GMP, who were sacked or resigned, I totally support the stance to give this Harry character a Pilot’s ticket and not sack him. Can he resign from his monarchy duties though? Unbelievable.

  4. Thanks Twining 🙂

    In answer to your question on my blog – yes! He’s Indian, just in disguise..

  5. You may wish to have a look at my posting on Insp Gadget’s blog on this subject. Were the subjects of his ‘racist taunts’ offended? Did they give as good as they received? Were they even asked? Life in the Police can be hard but just ask anyone who has served in constant or regular life threatening situations and in such cases the relationship between comrades, who are in a position to save your life just as you are theirs, can be closer than even a husband and wife and nicknames, allegedly derogatory or otherwise, become terms which knit soldiers together. Racial purists, social experimentation engineers and those from a single issue focus group have neither the experience or the ability to comprehend such a thing. Harry may not be the most intelligent of men and makes mistakes. However, like many who are constantly in the spotlight being perused for any real or imagined slight, his image will slip. Give the guy a break and consider that there, but for the grace of God there you may be.

  6. You also raise valid points as to why Harry may have behaved the way he did. I have a nickname, and it’s an English name. It’s not an offensive name. And with my colleagues we laugh and joke.

    Plodnomore, there for the grace of God, there I am under the spotlight of the SMT every time I say something on the issue of racism, there to be brought down by the very people who neither have the experiences or ability to understand Black peoples.

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