I found this on youtube – it’s called NBPA racism

January 16, 2009

This video clip plays to a song from Madness, the group. 

I know most of the colleagues I have found on police blogs stand with me against this sort of thing.

It sort of says we are not welcome.

To the people that have made this I say the Police service is our family and this country is our home.

Have a look.



  1. How the hell do they know what racism is when they can’t even spell it?

  2. The feeling I get is that if you’re not black then you can’t be for fair play. There was a similar dust-up here (east coast U.S.) where some white folk wished to join an anti-racism group but were turned away on the grounds that having white folk present would make black folk feel uncomfortable.

    The criticism being how could an anti-racism group practice what it preached if they practiced reverse racism? However, as they were a private group, I believed that they were allowed to limit membership. Certainly this cost the group a great deal of support & funding as other groups felt they would alienate their base of support. I think this will do the same for this organization. Makes me wonder who actually posted this & why.

  3. I think the video was posted by someone who is aligned to the BNP; the British National Party; whose politics; arguably, in my opinion, are racist.

  4. That would make sense–not only racist, but horribly edited! A very clumsy attempt to generate hostility.

  5. Many white people are members of BPAs – it’s a fact. I would be interested to know if anyone has an idea about who posted the video. Was it a police officer?

  6. Not quite sure I understand what their getting at but agreed that its BNP/NF influenced designed to cause trouble.

    Did anyone see the drunk driver on the new emergency service programme on itv last night?

    Apart from finding his intoxication mildly amusing I wondered how long it would take for him to bring up the colour of his skin to the custody sergeants attention – sad really… “are you a racism”…yes thats what he said.

  7. .. and the chances of a NWPA are, what exactly?

  8. (1) Simon, welcome. I would put money on this NOT being a Police Officer. The reason I say this is, this is just to coarse, and most of us in this job, care. Sometimes mistakes are made, and sometimes people have prejudices, and this is everywhere not just in policing. The higher up the chain things go the more political and ego driven it becomes. Everything then becomes about protecting the image and reputation of Forces.

    (2) A National WPA exists already.

    (3) Metanon, welcome. This video is about stirring up the anti against the NBPA.

  9. Clumsy claptrap designed to promote division, conflict and antagonism where none exists, and to prevent resolution where it does exist, IMHO.

  10. Says it all when the fuckwits can’t even spell racism properly.

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