What’s in a name?

January 19, 2009

I have to say I have a name, and it’s not Sergeant T Twining really. Of course I have a real name, but there are nick names that we tend to collect on the way in the police. Some are nice and some not so nice. Some of my colleagues endear and liken me to an Asian Roger Moore, but I also have an English nick name.

Now, when I am called with this name, am I offended? No, because it is said with love and affection. Of course my team love me, as all shifts love all their Sergeants, but in having a laugh and a joke, in amongst team banter, nick names are commonly used and engender a feeling of “togetherness,” a “common purpose”, even “friendship.” 

As culture moves on there is no reason why a nick name for an Asian person might not be an English nick name. Purists will say that me having an English nickname is not good, but they are wrong.

What is important is the reason and use of that nick name. If the reason is negative then the use may be wrong, but if the name is not nasty and the reason is to knit a group together positively, then that is OK.

It’s a bit like calling the Supt Richard. Now that’s taking this a bit too far. I rather prefer calling the Supt, just Supt. The problem is whenever they call me now they just say, “Sergeant, T!” and this means one has to toodle on up and make them a cuppa. Damn!



  1. ….but your Tea is the finest my dear Sergeant PeePee.

  2. OK OK so my screen name is based around the mischievous character. Did you mention tea?

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