Sergeant Twining’s rules: Part 3: How to deal with a difficult BPA member? Indeed.

January 20, 2009

Here is on Organisational question for middle managers that will assist them in dealing with “difficult” people in the BPA. When you, as a manager, don’t agree with these diffcult people then simply ask them just whom do they represent?

The answer will be one of the following: (a)    Themselves, because they have qualifications, (b)   Their membership, some of whom actually don’t have a clue. (c)  They represent what is right. If the answer to the question is (a) then advise the difficult person that they do not speak with the mandate of their members, send them packing for they are not representative of their membership, and therefore what they are saying must be deemed incorrect. Be happy as a manager.

If the answer to the question is (b), also be happy as a manager because you know (i) that within the membership there will be a few members a few people who go on “jollies” and sell satellite navigations systems, but you as a manager choose to ignore this fact until it suits you of course, like now when a difficult person in power says something that stirs you inside, that indicates to you something is wrong, and you don’t want to answer the difficult person, and (ii)   You also know that some people who are members will not play an active part, you know the quiet ones, and let’s face it most of the members don’t play an active part, but nonetheless, you as a manager stick to the condition and words, “Do you have the mandate of your membership?” 

So, in learning from this organisational question and response, as Autocratic managers, be happy to know that you are playing a game. Now, when would you ever ask the working class, “What do you want?”  Well, you don’t, and even if you did ask the whole group what they wanted, the whole group would say different things, (as a manager your job is to confuse, divide and rule), and whatever they might respond with their response may never deal with the inequalities they may actually have, and this then helps those in power; because they simply don’t have to do anything productive.  Oooh, let’s have another review. 

Note: the organisation will never allow intelligent Black people to answer (c). One wonders why? Toodle-do!



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