To an extent I’m with gadget on this one…

January 21, 2009

Trevor Phillips has apparently stated that the service is no longer, you know the words, Institutionally Racist. There, I said it. So, where do I agree with Gadget? 10 Years ago like dominoes, most Chief Officer’s shuffled the Macpherson Report. Let’s be about right since the race riots of the 80’s, there had been nothing similar and there was a fear of riots.

Anyway Lord Macpherson accepted the existence of Institutional Racism, and the dominoes fell one by one, but who was blamed? As usual it was the PC, not those at the top of our hierarchy tree. And worse still it was never really explained what this term meant. 

The Report made it clear that racism was in society and that other institutions needed to look at their own culture inside, who they let in, how far they let them go up the chain, etc. And how they delivered a service to people of colour. Just a few years ago the great T. Phillips suggested this country was walking into gheottism with it’s eyes shut. Racism doesn’t necessarily go away, it evolves.

What we don’t like today, we might love tomorrow, and there are new groups of people coming in, but racism has been a problem since time began. However, I still don’t understand why Mubarak was placed in a cell with a racist when the prison knew that the inmate he was sharing a cell with was racist. So I think we are grateful that Mr Phillips appears to swing from one day to the next.

Still, it’s not so easy to get into a Catholic school if you are not Catholic. How many White parents proclaim they are Catholic just to get their child into school? Who knows, but I know quite a few do. Now, I’m not saying there are no Black or Asian Catholics, but the majority of Asians are still Muslim or Sikh or Hindu.

There I do agree with Gadget sometimes. It took 200 years to abolish slavery, and we have dismantled this IR in 10 years? Yes, we have made lots of progress, but the managers who were in the job around 1993 are still about and they have moved upwards too. They didn’t give in in 1993 but all of a sudden there is a sea change, like overnight their attitudes have changed or have we just changed what we are prepared to say in front of some people? I think we’ve got rid of Institutional Racism altogether.



  1. Ive had several goes at replying to this, but as usual, I havn’t been posting my musings for fear of being branded racist. There may well have been racists in the institution, but I dont believe the institution was racist.

    The matter has become so political, that simply disagreeing with someone of Asian descent leaves that person open to charges of racism. If someone is not promoted, its never because he’s bloody well incompetent – its because of the colour of his skin. No-one ever stops to think that the reason I may dislike some Asian, is not because of his skin colour – its merely because I just dont like the sod! Just the same as I dont like the state-tit sucking mongrel down the road who has skin the colour of vanilla ice-cream.

    I do, disagree with racist organisations such as the BPA and the BNP. Both these entities have an aim of promoting their members aims on the grounds of skin colour and/or race.

  2. Oi, OK point taken, but is it OK for people to lie about their religion to get their child into a predominantly White school?

  3. No Twining . It would not be.

    However, I believe you are distorting the facts. Its not because of the predominant skin colour at the school, its because the education there is far superior.

    I honestly dont know how far I would go to ensure the best education for my children.

    Fortunately I [and my children] lived where, and in a time period, that the point was academic.

  4. Me thinks you have misunderstood Gadget. He didn’t say it took 200 years to abolish slavery. He said that slavery was abolished in Britain and its colonies 200 years ago – the first major power to do so. Attitudes have changed considerably over the last 50 years, and particularly over the last 10-20. That’s great.

    Whilst no institution is perfect, most will now promote on merit rather than skin colour. (Religion is another thing entirely, of course.) Perhaps we should now look at certain sections of society and their attitude to women – after all, sexism is as bad as racism. Would all the BPA be happy with that, or is it a “cultural” thing?

    Re the schools. Of course it isn’t right for people to lie about their faith in order for their kids to get a better education. It’s like Oi states, it has precious little to do with racism, more a prejudice against thick, ill mannered chavs. However, is it right that my tax money goes to indoctrinate kids in a religion – any religion? I don’t believe in any god so why should I pay? I can sympathise with those who lie, even though it’s wrong, to get their kids in a better school THAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR.

  5. I like this post.

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