It’s official…………

January 23, 2009


………Britain is one of the safest places in Europe to live in if you are Black. I wouldn’t like to live in Germany where the Turkish community is isolated and hated by the right wing, but then to these extremists we all would look Turkish if we were slightly brown.

I wouldn’t like to live in France for that matter, which is still right wing, and as for Spain, even though I like to holiday there, some racists there did all they could to try and upset Lewis Hamilton during the Spanish Grand Prix, so I wouldn’t like that. Whilst we are doing our bit, and believe me, I believe a lot of PC’s, Serge’s, PCSO’s and some Inspectors are doing their bit; the authorities in other European countries really need to toughen up their act.

In Britain the above racist protest would have warranted section 5 racially aggravated at least, an arrest and removal of these bigots. The FIA then might have excluded them from attending the British Grand Prix, but our partner countries call this free speech.

Is this not evidence of institutional racism in Spain? The institutions involved condoned this abhorrent behaviour by letting the perpetrator’s get away with it. The fact that these perpetrator’s were allowed to continue is evidence of a collective failure to condemn this behaviour and offer dignity to Black people. The fact that there were no prosecutions highlights just what “unwitting racism” is.

The first British Black man to break through in Formula 1 is racially abused, but then this sort of abuse still carries on in other sports, namely football and especially in Ital and Spain, where if you are Black you are often tormented. I guess Britain is the best place in Europe to live in if you are Black. Hamilton is number 1 and even if the Spanish Police don’t deal with the abusers one way to deal with them is by becoming World Champion.hamiltons_424470e2



  1. I think it also shows how far Britain has come. Once those actions would have happened here, now they’re met with universal revulsion.

    As an aside, from what I can gather, the middle east and the far east can make Europe look enlightened.

  2. I can confirm that France is very racist- we get enough stick for being English, though we’re benefitting France’s economy. The State won’t even compile statistics on ethnic origin because everyone is French, no matter what the colour or creed and regard communautairisme as abhorrent. The gendarmes here are not people of whom you would ask directions or the time, not to mention the necessity of always carrying ID. (I’ve only been asked for mine once, but then got ‘arrested’ for not having the correct sort, but dark skinned friends and acquaintances get stopped a great deal more frequently) It’s a very ghettoised society. Some forward steps are being made – they are trying to introduce anonymous CV’s, but by cripes I would hate to live here were I not palefaced. The treatment of my cousin (who happens to wear hijab) warrants a post all it’s own. Multiculturalism is the thing I miss most about the UK, followed by Cadbury Creme Eggs and Persil Original Non Bio!

  3. Italy is terrible for racism too. Shame as It’s such a beautiful country.

  4. Ah, but was Hamilton a victim of racists?

    A victim of racism, yes. Racists? I think they were simply mindless , jealous thugs who couldn’t think of a legitimate way to attack Lewis and so went for the race angle.

    No less despicable for that.

  5. And they call you fuzz becasue your thinking is fuzzy, Bimbo?

  6. Pete an example of fuzzy thinking, I think, is a profound inability to spell check as above. Well, I have been called several things but never bimbo!

  7. It’s perfectly true all races commit crime, but….
    Why is the News being censored?

    We have all heard of Peter Sutcliffe, Fred West, the Michael Barrymore case, Ian Huntley.

    But is the News being ‘censored’ in some way?

    Some News you probably never heard of.

    Try looking into the Chris Donald Case.

    Try looking into the Charlene Downes Case.

    Why did we never hear of these cases?

    Unreported Crime waves in the UK and Europe, murder and mass gang rapes,
    (Look up the term ‘tournante’ on google, clue, it means taking turns.)


    I have concerns about the future safety of my children, it wasn’t long ago that our police did not need armed response units, in recent times I have seen police officers ‘tooling up’ with automatic weapons on at least four occasions in a local layby. You need to wake up. We are descending into Hell.

  8. Kriss Donald, not Chris.

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