Nothing really changes, does it?

January 28, 2009

The Twining Chronicles are pleased, (not really), to announce the new Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police as  Mr Stephenson, or someone we more commonly know as “Just Stepho.” It’s true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Now I am certainly not calling Mr Stephenson a dog, this is simply an analogy, so don’t get me wrong, the reference “dog” is not used in an inappropriate way here.

The Metropolitan Police Service can hope for change for the better, but hope is all it will be as this Stalwart of the Blair era will remain pleasing to the Home Office, his pension, his vision, his future. This is also great news for multiculturalism because in the Blair V Ghaffur saga the Mayor showed he can do something by voting no confidence in Blair and ousting him, but then he and Jacqui put in place, guess who, yes you guessed it; Blair’s prodigy. How odd? No doubt Cressida Dick will get promotion now or some time soon. 

So, here at the Twining Chronicles we can hope that the Met BPA and the new Commissioner can come to some agreement, and whilst “Stepho” had declared his wishes to negotiate with the  Met BPA, people in power rarely negotiate; they always get what they want, and they don’t give in. Someone once told me this was narcissism, here we just call it, “politics.” The circle of friends is a very very strange phenomenon, don’t you think?



  1. Twining,
    The man may just surprise you. I have reason to believe that he will negotiate if he thinks it will deliver better policing. If he thinks its all going to be an ego stroking of chair warmers excercise though, it will be just lip service. The Met BPA need to show that they add value to policing rather than profile to executive members.

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