May I explain why the term “Golliwog” is offensive to Black people….Part II

February 6, 2009

Here at The Twining Chronicles to put an end to this matter of Carole Thatcher we would just like to say that the term “wog” was used by some White people to refer to Black people as a group. And when it was used it was used badly. Bearing this in mind the term is inappropriate. Since there was really nothing positive in the manner in which she referred to Mr Tsonga’s hairstyle this is her issue. The daughter of the ex Prime Minister who had some dealing with the Scarman Report should have known better.  There endeth part  II of our explanation as to why the term “Golliwog” is offensive to Black people….I hope Trevor Phillips is reading and noting this…..fine explanation. Tea?



  1. Yes, golliwog is offensive, and nobody uses this word anymore.
    But it was a toy,well, a doll really, and thats all.
    I don’t think she meant any offence.

  2. I have just received a free DVD of the film “The Dam Busters” and, if my memory serves me correctly, the name of Guy Gibson’s dog is a name which dare not be uttered by anyone who is not a black American rapper. I am now waiting for the Thought Police to raid my house, seize the copy and then firebomb the Daily Mail building. People CHOOSE to be offended for a number of reasons, it being politically expedient, there may be some compensation in it for them if they create a stink or they wish to make the media (I spent a little over 22 years being called a “squaddie”, a “woodentop” or a “plank” and on a number of occasions “a 50/50” (I am of mixed race) by people whose idea of discipline was getting out of bed early enough to collect their dole giro. I then spent a good few years being referred to as “the filth”, “Mr Plod” “Maggie’s thug” and once, from a student of politics would you believe, “a jackbooted fascist KGB stooge” (was there an oxymoron there?) by the children of the first lot.

    At first I was told that I was not to feel offended, then I was told that the courts have decided that I could not feel offended and in the end I decided I would choose not to be offended. My kids call me a boring old fart, one of my grandchildren calls me a grumpy old sod. Whether they are meant as an insult I don’t know and don’t care. A long time ago, a very wise man said that anyone who makes a a verbal insult is, in fact, insulting their own intelligence and ability to correctly use their chosen language. Only the politicos chasing their idealogical social experiments make such terms offensive. If you are upset and feel aggieved by this post it’s because you CHOOSE to be.

  3. I wish all I had to worry about was someone calling me a name I didn’t like.

    When alls said and done she’s just the stupid spoilt daughter of the woman that used us lot to bring the miners to their knees.

    Then she turned on her dogs and began castrating them.

    Ho hum….

  4. One thing I don’t “get” is how anyone could be so bloody ignorant of the potential offensiveness of the word. There are some words which are just taboo, and “golliwog” is one of them. She wouldn’t have said “n*****” hair, would she?

  5. Ermmmm – No.

    Plodnomore has the right of it.

    Golliwog is not “taboo” as you put it, its the name of a bloody doll!

    And as far as that goes, she described the hair as being like that of the damned doll!

    She didnt call the person a golliwog, wog, spic, or any other word you may deem politically incorrect.
    She described the hair as being like that of a particular doll!

  6. She did later go on to say he was a half golliwog, and a golliwog frog – alluding to his ancestry of being mixed race and French. So clearly the golliwog comment is said to be insulting, and not as a reference to a doll as was later protested by her.

    To be honest, I think the comments she made say everything about her, and nothing about the tennis player she commented on. He’s one of the premier tennis players in the world, she’s z-list celeb because of her mum.

  7. Oi,

    Many thanks for your support. My views may not be politically correct but as I seem to live within two distinct lines, yet not belong to either of them, I believe it gives me the understanding to see both sides. Franky Fact, I’m not certain where your political ideals lie but the facts (no pun intended) and history will make your comments incorrect. If it was not for those with the strength of Margaret Thatcher we would be marching in front of statues of Ken Livingstone, Arthur Scargill and the rest of the NTUC presidium.

  8. The golliwog insult is not the real issue. The issue is that the insult take place against a rise in facism and against a backdrop of systemic and institutional racism. And that backdrop–of housing and job discrimination, racial profiling, unequal health care access, and a media that regularly presents blacks in the worst possible light makes verbal slights, even if relatively minor, take on a magnitude well beyond the moment of their issuance.

    Oh and by the way, for those ppl who seek to change the subject to imsults used occasionally against whites like honky or jock or paddy. PLEASE NOTE : It is precisely the lack of any potent, institutional force to back up those words, which makes them so much easier to shrug off. But we black people are WELL AWARE that the slurs used against us, are often the tip of a much larger and more destructive iceberg.

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